RCE Grand Rapids-2018

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Wicked Problems of Sustainability: Wege Prize (update)
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Kendall College of Art and Design: FSU
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Gayle DeBruyn
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The Wege Prize, "Wicked Problems of Sustainability" is an annual competition for graduate and undergraduate students in colleges and universities around the world.  Students are challenged to bring solutions to some "wicked" problem using technology and innovative practices.  Prize money is awarded to winning team proposals.

6. Project status
On Going
The first place winner in 2017 was a team from University of Michigan and Brown University. Their project focused on working with food and beverage processing plants to convert their organic waste products into insect-based protein that can be used in animal feeds and as an agricultural product. This team is currently piloting the project with a microbrewery in Austin, TX.

Second place went to a team from Autonomous University of Nicaragua and Kendall College of Art and Design in the US. This group developed a solution focusing on helping small coffee farmers operating in Nicaragua's Miraflor Natural Reserve to halt the negative environmental impact of their production while also diverting the waste byproducts of cascara to the tea market, providing the farmers with an additional revenue stream.
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