RCE Greater Portland-2015

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UN Day and the Launch of the SDGs
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All SDGs
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UN Association of Portland
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Karen Ettinger
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We celebrated United Nations Day 2015: "UN 70: Strong UN, Better World", with UNA, the World Affairs Council, the World Forestry Center, and ONE. With the adoption of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO's Global Action Program, the World Forestry Congress, plus the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Paris, 2015 is a watershed year, so we wanted to make sure that the community knew about these.

Charles Hopkins, the UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Development, Eric Vines, the Executive Director of the World Forestry Center, Kim Smith, the Coordinator of the Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network, and Kyoko Shiota, Program Associate with United Nations University, explored how to truly "think global, act local." We invited attendees to be part of the vanguard, to find out how Oregon and Washington are helping lead the way in regional, national, and international programs and discover how they could engage in their communities.

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The event was beautiful! It started out with tabling and a reception. Then, 17 youth, with ONE, shared the 17 SDGs, with a choreographed opening. This was followed by a panel of presenters and a facilitated Q&A. Approximately 120 people attended
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