RCE Greater Shangri-la-2016

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The Road Safety Education Project
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Southwest University
Director of ESD Research Centre at Educational College
Li Qing
Southwest University Educational College
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There are over 330 million drivers in China, and as many as 283 million motor vehicles. As cars have rapidly become ubiquitous in cities around China, traffic accidents have become one of the leading causes of death, due in part to a lack of basic knowledge about traffic safety and to defensive driving strategies.

The Road Safety Education Project involves nine primary schools and one university across three cities of China: Chongqing, Wuhan and Shangri-la. The project aims to educate young people and their communities about road safety and thus to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents. This project is part of the FIA’s Action for Road Safety Initiative and is jointly launched by CAMF and RCE Greater Shangri-la.


6. Project status
On Going
At present, nine pilot schools are implementing their school activities. These activities have engaged more than 3000 kids and families. A teaching pack for rural schools is being developed. Welcomed by students and their families and supported by school leaders, the project has achieved a wide range of positive results.
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