RCE London Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary

RCE London will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a series of virtual events on a range of subjects starting in September 2021, looking at ‘Art, Nature and Sustainability’. 

A message from RCE London: 

“We are very happy to celebrate being a part of this inspiring global network. We have met many wonderful colleagues from the RCE family and much mutual learning has taken place. Our main focus for the past year has been on localising the SDGs and this will continue for the next three years. RCE London now has two key partners, COMMEET Fellowship for community empowerment, and Schumacher Institute and it has been a privilege to work them on a number of projects.”  

Localising the SDGs

  1. With COMMEET and an international team, RCE London developed a toolkit for communities who wish to promote the well being and inclusion of migrants and refugees. This has been shared with a number of refugee organisations and projects. It can be adapted for any context, country or culture and a copy can be obtained at www.commeet.org
  2. COMMEET’s mission is to support communities to enable them to start to make the changes that they need for a sustainable future. Hence the next toolkits under development are on Climate Action, Prejudice and Racism, Empowerment of Vulnerable Women and Children, Technical and Vocational Education (TVET). RCE London is working closely with COMMEET to support and promote these.
  3. Climate action toolkit for local communities – this is being developed in partnership with the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems. A number of RCEs across the globe are contributing to this.

Further information on the events will be provided in due course.

United Kingdom