RCE Middle Albania-2016

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Regional Energy Efficiency Action Plan for ESD in Albania
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Energy Efficiency, Implementation of SDG.7
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CTCN Climate Technology Centre and Network
Thomas Thorsch Krader
Copenhagen Center on Energy Efficiency
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Kalterina Shulla
RCE middle albania
Gjergji Simaku
Ministry of Energy and Idustry Albania
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The focus of the projects is 1. to develop a Regional Energy Efficiency Action Plan which will support the country in meeting its 2020 National Energy Efficiency Targets and 2.  to create an Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development which will help mainstream low-emissions pathways in Albania, particularly at the regional level, and it will followed by workshops with stakeholders and local governments of the three regions, of Tirana Durres, Elbasan.


The delivered Action Plan will support Albania's 2018 Energy Efficiency Targets.

  • The Action Plan will be included in the overarching Action Plan on ESD for Albania, Energy Chapter, to be distributed in the network of Global 136 RCE-s, which implements similar approaches to regional development.
  • The Action Plan can be used as an example for other regions in the country, and replicated to similar regions in neighbouring countries in the Balkans, as well.
  • Awareness and capacity will be developed in relation to environmental sustainability and the consequences of climate change, in close coordination with the Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development (SD), specifically within the Energy chapter.
  • Albania will be helped in its endeavour to achieve its EU targets on energy efficiency and the environment.

Expected results

  • Support the development of a Regional Energy Efficiency Action Plan covering the Regional Councils of Tirana-Durres-Elbasan, focusing on public awareness and education; the nexus of regional and government priorities; and cooperation across the different levels of government. Energy efficiency standards have recently become mandatory creating a timely window for engagement and local-level leadership.
  • Support preparation of an inter-regional plan for the three local governments of Tirana, Durres and Elbasan, in connection with national energy efficiency priorities; and create a basis for inter-regional cooperation also in other sectors for regional sustainable development.
  • Build capacity and increase awareness related to consequences of climate change, in close coordination with the Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development, specifically within the Energy chapter.
  • Develop Albania’s first local-level action plan for energy efficiency, designed to achieve its 2018 EE targets. Benefit the first inter-regional plan in Energy efficiency with clear action-items for mitigation actions for communities which could eventually be replicated in other regions.
  • Help leverage the development of action plans, education and stakeholder engagement strategies in support of energy efficiency.
  • Provide training assistance to support the understanding of the Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development and also for Regional Energy Efficiency Action Plans for stakeholders and local government employees. 
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6. Project status
On Going
The project is awarded in early 2016, and its in implementation process.
Expected to end on March 2017.
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