RCE Minna Commemorates World Environment Day with 'On the Spot' Painting Challenge

RCE Minna has continued to play a leading role in commemorating the World Environment Day (WED) celebration for approximately 10 years in Niger State. The centre has leveraged the opportunity provided by the day to raise awareness and sensitise people within and outside Minna on the need to protect the environment through several programmes and projects such as 'Plant a Tree and Earn a Living', Community and Neighbourhood Tree Planting Projects, spearheading the creation of the Bridget Aisha Lemu Children’s and Conservatory Park (BAL-CCP), screening of relevant environmental awareness videos (such as ‘No Where to Run’), and the School Empowerment And Nutritional Supplementation through Agriculture (SENSA) Project among others.

In line with the above, the centre commemorated this year’s WED with an 'on the spot' painting challenge on 14 June, 2022, with seven secondary schools within Minna in attendance. Paintings were centered on the theme of the 2022 WED, ‘Only One Earth’, with students depicting their understanding of the Environmental Challenges within their communities, especially as it related to the theme of the event. Read their full report here.