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Rce details
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
December, 2011
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

The geographic region of the RCE is the entire country of Lesotho, located in southern Africa. The region covers an area of 30,355 square kilometres. The latitudinal and longitudinal extent of the country is 29°30' South and 28°30' East respectively. Lesotho is entirely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa, and its capital and largest city is Maseru. Membership in the region is further organised into sub-regional Chapters.

Goals and Objectives:


The vision of the RCE is in line with the National ESD Strategy, and it is to work towards:

A country with a healthy and well managed environment for sustainable livelihoods; where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from education and learn the values, behaviour and practices required for societal transformation for a sustainable future.


The objectives of the RCE are as outlined in the constitution of the network as follows:

  1. Promote local research in ESD.
  2. Facilitate networking, linkages, exchange and interaction among stakeholders in ESD locally and regionally.
  3. Foster an increased quality of teaching and learning to build the capacity of the network members in ESD.
  4. Support people of Lesotho in making progress towards and attain the national plans and policies relating to environment and sustainable development.
  5. Provide people of Lesotho with new opportunities to incorporate ESD into education reform efforts.
  6. Solicit funds and mobilise resources for ESD activities.
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

National University of Lesotho

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: National University of Lesotho
Role: Secretariat & Host of Youth Coordinator
Contact name: Assoc. Prof. Ts’epo Mokuku
Contact email: tmmokuku@yahoo.com

Name of organisation: Geography Environment Movement
Role: Representative of Schools in the Network
Contact name: Ms. ’Malintle Kheleli
Contact email: kmalintle@gmail.com

Name of Organization: Academic Forum for Development of Lesotho (AFDeL)
Contact Name: Assoc. Prof. Makoala Marake
Contact email: mv.marake@gmail.com

Name of Organisation: Thaba-Khubelu Conservation & Tours
Role: Partnering Community
Contact name: Mr. Khabisi Leopa

Name of Organisation: Chris’ Corner
Role: Partner Disability NGO for Youth
Contact email: chrisclimatelesotho@gmail.com

Name of Organization: Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (Water Quality Monitoring). Howick, South Africa
Contact: Ms.Tembeka Dambuza (mini-SASS Project)
Contact Email: Tembeka.Dambuza@wessa.co.za

Current Activities:
  • Promotion of ESD at the National University of Lesotho by holding ESD meetings & workshops for staff to facilitate re-orientation of programmes
  • Integrating ESD in teacher education programme for community development – “Learning-Service” Approach in ESD
  • Up-scaling Water Quality Monitoring Activities and Access in Tlokoeng Valley Community
  • Enhancing improvement of quality of life for youth in Tlokoeng Valley, by promoting ecotourism
  • Raising funds for using a diversity of innovative educational strategies (including music) to educate Tlokoeng community valley about climate change in relation to water quality and access issues
Upcoming Activities:
  • Capacity building of members of the network on, but not limited to: Leadership in community development and educational issues; working with communities; water quality monitoring; culture & environmental sustainability
  • Integrating ESD in stakeholder programmes
  • Implementing planned ESD project at institution members programmes on Conservation of Energy, Water and Biodiversity
  • Collaboration with Chris’ Corner to address Sustainable Development issues from the perspective of people with disability
  • Research on ESD and Community building and Development
  • Research on marginalised/Indigenous Communities’ views on “Quality Education” (In partnership with UNESCO & York University)
  • Initiation of new partnerships in ESD
  • Production of a Tlokoeng community-based educational music video, in partnership with ‘Conservation Music’ US based NGO. The produced video is to be used for education and awareness of the Tlokoeng community (and other communities) on water quality and access issues
  • Higher Education Students and Tlokoeng Community dialogue on Water Quality and Access in collaboration with Chris’ Corner. Project aimed to determine Tlokoeng Community Challenges on water and to explore solutions. Project funded by Glasswater Foundation, Canada
  • Establishment of the Faculty of Education “ESD Committee” to facilitate ESD activities in the Faculty and the wider University
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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Assoc. Prof. Ts’epo Mokuku
Secondary RCE Contact:
Dr. Julia Chere-Masopha
RCE Youth Coordinator(s):
Mr. David Makafane
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