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RCE Bogor

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January, 2007
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RCE Bogor is located in what is considered the centre of science in Indonesia, with more than 25 life science research institutes located in Bogor. The Bogor region faces problems with poverty, as does the rest of Indonesia. Since the regional provides the jakarta metropolitan area with food, water and manpower, there is an enormous pressure on Bogor's environment. Rapidly increasing population and limited job opportunities are forcing the conversion of forest to agricultural land. In addition, increasing poverty has led to a lowering of the quality of life, an increase in crime, high rates of school drop-out and low purchasing power. Although programmes are in place to alleviate these problems, they have limited financial resources.

Goals and Objectives:

RCE Bogor's activities are focused on poverty alleviation and the development of ESD. It is working to:

  • Create public awareness and understanding of SD and ESD;
  • Integrate sustainability issues into formal, non-formal and informal education sectors in the Bogor region;
  • Enhance networking and collaboration among RCEs;
  • Produce education materials for distribution to schools, libraries and the general public; and
  • Scale up community development programmes, such as waste management and organic farming activities.
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