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RCE Brittany

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Date of RCE acknowledgement:
April, 2013
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

Photo credit: RCE Brittany

Since its creation, RCE Brittany has worked to bring together organisations at local and regional levels to jointly promote ESD within local and regional communities Its three pillers are :Research and Education, Comminication, and Engagement with the public. RCE Brittany is now engaged in the launch of the ESD 2030 Roadmap.

The Brittany region is a vast peninsula in the west part of France  extending over an area of 27,208 km2 with a  2,730 km long coasrline, the third of the French total coasts.  Its population is 4,354,377 inhabitants with both Celtic, Gaulish and Latin origins. Today, fishing and agriculture are still the two pillars of Brittany's economy. The region has always been at the forefront of educational advancement and research. It is active an dynamic.

Goals and Objectives:


RCE Brittany is engaged in the launch of the ESD for 2030 Roadmap; ESD is now officially included throughout the entire school curriculum, from primary school to university, and school children as well as students are invited to participate to ESD-related local actions. As all RCEs, RCE Brittany is committed to further generating, accelerating and mainstreaming ESD and the realisation of the SDGs in its local and regional context, through facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships, with a view to a fairer, more tolerant and more sustainable world, and taking into consideration the four Strategic Priority Areas. RCE Brittany is especially interested in staying abreast of the trends and development of SDGs and ESD for 2030 in the region.


Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Université Bretagne Sud (UBS) - Vannes - Morbihan, France - Laboratory of Mathematics, Atlantic Brittany (LMBA), CNRS, UMR  6205



Key Partners:


Role :  Education and Scientific Research,  involved in ESD and SDGs

Contact name : Salim LARDJANE

Contact e-mail :


Name of organisation: ABADAS (NGO for Sub-Saharan Africa)
Role: Direct help in ESD in Sub-Saharan African countries
Contact name: Christian Lemoing 
Contact email:

Name of organisation: Heliophoros
Role: Solar type architecture, respectful of SDGs
Contact name: Jean-Pierre Rimsky-Korsakov
Contact email:

Name of organisation: ACTION AID – FOR FOR SOLIDARITY PEOPLES (Local group, VANNES Region)
Role: Emancipate oneself from industrial agriculture for the benefit of Sustainable Agriculture
Contact name: Edith DE GELIS and Marie-Odile BARBIER
Contact email:

Name of organisation: ART and  ESD
Role: Painting for ESD and SDGs
Contact name: Sylvie ADJA-BROUX
Contact email:

Name of organisation: CLIM'ACTIONS
Role: Fight against climate change, protection of forests and biodiversity, introduction of new species of trees more resistant to heat, permaculture (Ecology, Social and Economy), agroforestry (hedges for protecting agriculture and cattle), agroecology, action in schools
Contact name: Dominique PIRIO, President
Contact email:

Name of organisation : PERMAFFOREST

Role : Perma-culture, Perma-Foestry, Agro-forestry, micro forests

Contact name : Maxime Grelier, Foundator

Contact e-mail :

Current Activities:
  • Climate change: impact on forests, biodiversity, agriculture and fishing in Brittany.
  • Climate change: solutions and innovations specific to the region: habitat and nature, land and sea.
  • Link between the destruction of biodiversity and COVID-19: solutions to be provided urgently.
  • Stakeholders: follow-up of their innovating ESD actions in their respective fields.
  • From ESD goals to SDGs goals : The 5 pillars: Observe, Mind, Understand, Anticipate and Act.
  • Citizen information about the SDGs : raising their interest and launch them into action.
  • At the local and regional level, get Associations into action in the pespective of 2030.
  • Transformative Education in sustainable regions : Assessment of innovative actions and practices carried out by the local and regional partner associations.
  • From ESD to SDGs: classification of all the activities carried out by the partner associations and Summary of the various SDGs rhey are working on in the framework of their main Goal.
  • Survey of SDGs interactions between them all in order to amplify their action.towards a collective action.
  • Education and learning in relation to the environment in the perspective of 2030: the need for a collective consciousness, informed and documented, on the scientific, sociological, economic, social and cultural interactions at the national level, through the Ministry of National Education.


Upcoming Activities:


For 2022-2023

- Inquiry : High schools and the Agenda 2030 as defined by the French Ministry of Edycation in the "Official Bulletin" : How do the high schools are taking  the international dimension into consideration, and what strategy is being developed. Do they have a youth coordinator, and what is his role.:

- In view of "Network the Network", and insofar as Brittany is a both continental and oceanic region, RCE Brittany intends to have exchanges with the French Isle of Reunion, in the Pacific Ocean, through their associations working for the same topics as Brittany, in the perspective of a mutual enrichment of the processes to achieving the SDGs..

- In the "Project RCE Network European Oceanside" (DEAR Proposal Atlantic Arc), headed by Samuel Fernandez-Diekert, RCE Etxea, and Max Eisenbart, RCE Fryslan, RCE Brittany will appear  as a " Project Associated Entity", (UBS having not the means to make a call for projects), but the specific inputs it has defined will be integrated into the concept note of the call for projects.

- The ASPEET scientific project about using Valvometry to fight against the Climate change, conducted by the LMBA CNRS UMP 6205 of University of South Brittany and the Universities of Brest and Bordeaux is going on..

- RCE Brittany keeps abreast of activities, actions and innovations in its partner Associations.


For 2023-2024

- Research Project 1 : What is the best official status for a RCE in Europe ? The European RCEs have different official status; some are formal or informal, others are supported by foundations, municipalities or universities. This project aims to review the current official statuses of the European RCEs and to relate them to their objectives, their activities and the difficulties they have to be confronted order to be able to get the best recommendations regarding the official most suited status for an European RCE, given its objectives and the national and local context in which it operates. Project headed by Dr. Salim LARDJANE, University of South Brittany, RCE Brittany.

- Research Project 2 : Pacific Arc - Research about the implementation of traditional indigenous techniques to solve climatic problems in the Reunion Island,  Pacific area.

- Research Project 3 : The Risk Society and ESD. Modern societies have been described as Risk societies. In these societies, risk has a dual face : it represents a threat but also an opportunity. This project will review the role of risk in modern societies and research ways to integrate the management of risks in ESD curricula, with an emphasis on economic and climate risks. Project headed by Dr. Salim LARDJANE, University of South Brittany, RCE Brittany.







  • Participation in the Europe Regional Meeting Webinar (24-25 November, 2020)
  • Attended two pre-Conference Webinars: "Achieving the SDGs: action throughout learning in a time of global crisis" in view of the 12th RCE Global Conference in Scotland (4 February, 2021 and 8 June, 2021)
  • Attended 2 RCE Webinars on: "Roadmap and Reporting for the RCE Community 2021-2030" (March 2021) and: "Roadmap and Reporting for the RCE Community 2021-2031; What's next?" (9 July, 2021)
  • Written an article :"The interaction of Humanism values and Holism values as a necessary driving force of the ESD at the regional level" (will be published in "Envigogika").
  • "Integrating SD in Education" (achievement of OPEDUCA Project in "Lesage High School", Vannes, Brittany, and extending "OPEDUCA Master classes" in Normandy.
  • SDG 9: "Resilient infrastructure and Innovation": Building of resilient and sustainable solar homes of a new concept, using a process of optimising solar heating system, and an adapted architecture built with environmentally friendly materials. Four houses built to date.
  • SDG 6: "Ensure access to sanitation for all and ensure sustainable management of water resources": ABADAS water sanitation project in Burkina Faso.
  • SDG 4: "Ensure universal access to quality education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities": ABADAS Project to build a bilingual primary school for Peul's children who had never attended school because they only speak their native language, whereas the classical public school education offers only a teaching in French, while the teachers are speaking another native language.
  • Promotion of the HELIOPHOROS architectural concept and training of local craftsmen (website).
  • 2019/2020: realisation of an Education for Sustainable Development project based on SDG 13 "Climate Action" with Asiatic PhDs students: deepening of their knowledge about this SDG and search for personal actions and solutions.
  • Participation to two webinars about "Climate Change after COVID-19 (Sustainability Research Group London South Bank and The London Regional Centre For Sustainability Education, 30 June and 31 July, 2020, in view of the COP 26 in Glasgow (1-12 November, 2021).
  • Article : "Sustainable Development Education in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" Joint work with Kalterina Shulla, Walter Leal Filho, Jan Henning Sommer, and Christian Boregemeister, International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, Vol. 27 (2020) (article).
  • RCE Youth Webinar: Challenge 'Youth to the goals': climate action projects (11 August 2021)
  • 'Art, Nature and Sustainability' Webinar - Celebration 10 years RCE London (30 September 2021)
  • 12th Global RCE Conference (16-18 November 2021) – RCE Scotland and Global RCE Service Centre

Exhibition of our RCE Brittany and UBS document entitled: 'Fight against Climate Change : Monitoring of the oceanic waters quality through the installation of bivalves connected to computers by electrodes'

  • In VANNES Brittany, a two day conference (1-2 November 2021) organised by 'Clim'action', a Stakeholder association, about the following topics: fight against climate change, protection of forests and biodiversity, agroforestry, agroecology, the problem of 'not welfare' in the agricultural world.
  • In LE HAVRE (Normandy), (an ESD and SDGs antenna of RCE Brittany): dispatch to Normandy of a Breton team specialised in the depollution of oceanic waters for a 'Seacleaners Operation' as a participation to the Jacques Vabre 2021 Transat. Followed by a Conference about Plastic Waste organised by local actors mobilised on this issue ( 4 November 2021)
  • Conveying knowledge about the protection of the oceans, and about the plastic pollution, for a collective awareness leading to action
  • Cleaning of beaches and coastal areas
  • Developing innovative solutions  about collecting and recycling plastic waste at sea, with the lowest possible environmental impact
In 2022, the cooperation between Brittany and Le Havre for the Transat Jacques Vabre will be renewed and accelerated.
  • In VANNES (Brittany) (23 November 2021): Debate Film organised by the Stakeholder Association 'Festival Alimenterre': 'Poor chicken: a geopolitics of the egg', film produced at the request of the Peasant Confederation, protesting against the 'factory farms'.  


  • Put an end to energy-intensive factory farming
  • Respect of animal welfare
  • Promote Organic Farming
  • Inform the public about the harmful effects of intensive farming on health
  • Reduce the energy bill in time of climate crisis
In addition to what is already underway:
  • Strengthening of links between RCE Brittany and the RCE Brittany's antenna in Le Havre, the RCE Bordeaux, UNESCO Bordeaux, and creation of other links with foreign RCEs
  • Activation of ESD and SDGs conferences in Le Havre, Normandy, this region, next to Brittany, being late in these areas given the absence of an RCE in Le Havre

After previous up-date on 5 December 2021 :

- Concerning the topic :: "The Role of the Human Dimension in promotiting  ESD at the Regional Level", the article entitled : "The interaction of Humanism values and Holism values as a necessary driving force of the ESD at the regional level" is published in Envigogika :  User name : flaveuve

- Webinars (chronologically) after 5 December 2021

- 27/01/22 : attended LSBU Webinar "Biodiversity" (celebration 10 years RCL London

- 8-9/02/22 : Participation to the "Europe Regional Meeting" Leeuwarden, Fryslan, webinar, by a 3' video and additional text.

- 24/02/22 : attended LSBU Webinar "After COP 26, Where to next ?"

- 24/02/22 : attended "RCE EuropeNetwork" webinar

- 24/05/22 : attended LSBU webinar : COMMEET TOOLKITS FOR COMMUNITIES : en^pwering vulnerable women and childre

-10/06/22 : attended UNESCO 2nd consultation meeting on the Thematic Action track 2 on Learning and skills for life, work and SD of the UN Transforming Education summit (TES)

- 7/07/22 : attended UNU HPLF2021 Side Event ; Climate action and the SDGs webonar : closing gaps and Strenghthening Synergies.

- 26/07/22 : attended LSBU webinar COMMEET TOOLKITS FOR COMMUNITIES : climate action

- 12/08/22 attended Art, Actions and Perspectives for Biodiversity Conservation, RCE Youth webinar.

- 20/09/22, attended LSBU COMMEET TOOLKITS FOR COMMUNITIES, addressing racism

- 4/10/22, attended UNESCO LAUNCH OESD-Net 2030 webinar

- 3/11/22,, attended LSBU ESD - Past, Present, Future (Celebration 10 years RCE London  webinars)


- At the request of the European Union Commission for Education DG EAC, participation, as representative of France through RCE Brittany, to the Delphi Survey DG EAC future of school education in the European countries by 2040, due to 17 Critical Uncertainties, project launched at the request ot the European Commission DG EAC. Five rounds. See below.


- 30/O3/23 - Attended the UNESCO's ESD-Net 2030: "Learning Webinar on ESD Pedagogy

-- 25/04/23 - Attended the 2023 ECOSOC Youth Forum titled "From ideas to Action: RCE Youth Projects on Multistakeholder Partnerships." (RCE Global Service Centre)

- 10/03/23 - Participation in the Delphi Survey DG EAC future of School education until 2040

- 10/05/23 - Participation in the Delphi Survey DG EAC future of school education until 2040 : discussion forum.

- 17/05/23 - Attended the UNESCO ESD - Net 2030  "Climate Change and the Right to Education

- 26/05/23 - Attended the UNESCO ESD - Net 2030 - "Hamburg Lounge ESD": ESD for 2030 at the local level

- 31/05/23 - Attended the UNESCO ESD - Net 2030 - "Learning Webinar on ESD Pedagogies

- 13/06/23 - Participation in the Delphi Survey DG EAC future of school education until 2040 - Scenario validation workshop

- 29/06/23 - Attended the ProsPER.Net research project - integration of circular economy principles into sustainable built environment education

- 11/07/23 - Participation in the Delphi DG EAC future of school education until 2040 - Scenario analysis focus group discussion

-11/07/23 - Attended the online launch webinar for the Schumacher Institute Community Climate Action Toolkit

-17/08/23 - Attended the 13th African Regional Meeting online, hosted by RCE KwaZulu-Natal, RCE Makana and Rural Eastern Cape, RCE Lesotho and RCE Eswaitini "Fostering Pan-African Collaboration"

- 12 to 14/09/23 - Participation in the European Meeting (Dialogue anc co-creation)

- 21/09/23 - Participation in the UNESCO ESD - Net 2030 Learning Webinar on ESD Pedagogy (Worshop B: "How to implement effective and quality climate change"








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