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RCE Fryslân

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December, 2020
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

"Together we learn to make the difference we want to see in the world"

Fryslân strives to belong to Europe's top 5 regions in 2025 in the transition towards an integral circular economy and a sustainable society ( 

In 2016 Vereniging Circulair Fryslân (VCF) was started by 25 companies. In 2021 over 100 members (all local governments, all VET and Universities and a wide variety of companies) work together towards this goal. A team of experts supports the VCF-members to set up mission driven projects, having positive impact on social and ecological sustainability. 

SPARK the Movement is connected to VCF and stimulates pupils and students from primary education to university to contribute to the regional transformative learning process. 

RUG|Campus Fryslân is the perfect partner in our RCE. Multiple disciplines are represented within Campus Fryslân and this enables international students, PhD's and world-class researchers to approach scientific questions from different perspectives. As a faculty, we are dedicated to finding local solutions for real-world global challenges. 

RCE Fryslân believes everybody can be a spark and build a fairer, greener and better world together. 

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Goals and Objectives:

RCE Fryslân supports the transition towards a thriving future by developing tools, knowledge and a network for ESD. 

Our objective is to form a well-equipped regional learning community of educators, young people, artists, entrepreneurs and citizens from primary schools, high school, TVET-centres, (applied) universities, companies, local governments, NGOs, enabling everyone in the province to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitude and values necessary to create a thriving future. 

In 2025 learning to balance the care for ourselves, for other living beings and for the planet is a regular practice for all formal and non-formal educational organisations, from pre-school to post-doc – and thereafter.

Photo credit: RCE Fryslân

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Name of organisation: Circulair Friesland
Type of organisation: Association

Key Partners:

University of Groningen | Campus Friesland
Role: Research & development
Contact name: Chantal Vrijhof
Contact email:

Role: Economic Board
Contact name: Hans-Paul van der Snee
Contact email: 

Province of Fryslân
Role: Partner
Contact name: Sander Bos
Contact email: 

Claim your Future
Role: Youth network
Contact name: Max Eisenbart
Contact email:

Jongerenpanel Duurzaam Fryslân
Role: Youth network
Contact name: Aukje Sina ZIjlstra 
Contact email:

All partners
Claim your Future; Jongerenpanel Duurzaam Friesland; Learning Hub Friesland; RUG| Campus Fryslân; NHL Stenden; Friesland College; Friese Poort; O3; Nordwin College; Stichting Nieuw Onderwijs; Provincie Fryslân; SDG Network Fryslân; Vereniging Circulair Friesland; IPF- Frisian Economic Board; Keunstwurk | KEK2; SPARK the Movement; PCBO Leeuwarden; RSG Magister Alvinus; Stellingwerf College; CIV WATE; JOT&; HNS - Hospitality Network for Students; School Roof Top Revolution; BioSintrum

Current Activities:
  • ZWERMN, a platform to bring together regional SDG-related questions and the problem-solving power of young people 
  • Whole School Approach to Sustainability – a Framework for ESD
  • Green Pedagogy
  • Teacher trainings for ESD
  • Circular Skills
  • European Education for Climate Coalition

Photo credit: RCE Fryslân

Upcoming Activities:
  • Pocket Garden, in cooperation with RCE Ruhr/Sevengardens
  • Global Roots - Erasmus+ Project, focussing on the impact of art and ESD for transformative learning
  • Horizon 2020 – Kitchen of Ideas project (in cooperation with Universität Vechta/RCE Oldenburg Munsterland)
  • RCE Europe Meeting, Feb 2022 (TBC)

Photo credit: RCE Fryslân

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Indira van der Zande
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