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RCE Greater Gombak

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Rce details
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
April, 2020
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Greater Gombak demonstrates more of a 'functional model' of RCE vis-a-vis a geographical concept recognising the fact that sustainable development issues are borderless. While Gombak will be the main city for the RCE activities, the area of coverage will expand from the border of the existing RCEs, in particular that of Central Semenanjung, but also that of Iskandar and Penang. This is illustrated by the unique scope of RCE Greater Gombak that acts as a conduit for the three RCEs based on a new tripartite model of collaboration among RCEs. In essence, the RCE Greater Gombak encompasses two Real-world Laboratories, namely:

  1. RCE GG @ IIUM Kuantan: Real-world Lab for Sustainable Health
  2. RCE GG @ IIUM Pagoh: Real-world Lab for Edu-Tourism

Photo credit: RCE Greater Gombak

The concept of a Real-world Lab works on the basis of a longer term supportive structure to facilitate transformation beyond a singular intervention, oriented towards sustainable development and the related ESD goals emphasising on three major scope of activities.

These major scope of activities of RCE Greater Gombak are derived from:

  1. Whole Community Transformation towards Sustainable Society
    RCE Greater Gombak aims to transform and empower the community towards sustainable development at all levels of community in line in the spirit of “leaving-no-one-behind” in upholding equity, ethics, and justice.
  2. Spirituality and Sustainability
    Taking pride in the diversity of faith-based community as well as the strength in the Indigenous settlement in the Gombak area, the RCE paved the way in the role of spirituality and Indigenous knowledge through ESD. This means greater participation over a much larger and diverse population base.
  3. Sejahtera - Mainstreaming Indigenous Knowledge and Local Wisdom
    RCE Greater Gombak is also keen to rejuvenate and mainstream Sejahtera - a local concept of sustainable living as one of the main desired outcomes of the RCE. The effort integrates well with the contribution of spirituality and Indigenous value in transforming the whole community.
Goals and Objectives:

Vision Statement:
Promoting and advancing natural and cultural heritage (Indigenous community and heritage of Gombak) through the Real-world Labs as conceptual platforms portraying selected dedicated conservation and socio-cultural areas of collaboration.

  • Long Term:
    To establish and strengthen the Quadruple Helix model of collaborations between the University, the local Gombak Community, the industry, and Gombak Administrative agencies in achieving the following goals:

    ​i. To build a society that is socially resilient, culturally sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable;
    ii. To facilitate the development of regenerative heritage (natural, man-made and cultural organic) through a Quadruple Helix model of collaboration;
    iii. To establish the Real-world Lab platforms which address cross-cutting issues i.e. social, environment and economy by implementing a transdisciplinary approach;
    iv. To conserve the natural resources in the Gombak area through the establishment of UNESCO World Heritage site;
    v. To upscale the local community quality of life by instilling sustainable economic and social-cultural values to promote harmonious society synergistically.

  • Short Term:
    i. To empower the society in addressing the social, cultural, environmental and economic issues through various platform of collaborations;
    ii. To establish the baseline data, heritage profile and the exhibition of the heritage in the current context;
    iii. To identify the cross-cutting issues and challenges at the local level and formalise the existing natural and cultural resources as nascent Real-world (living-learning) lab for implementation of ESD;
    iv. To facilitate the integration of ESD in the final dossier for the UNESCO World Heritage site submission;
    v. To facilitate and connect local champions on Gombak heritage (Indigenous people arts and cultural values, food heritage) in realising the vision of RCE Greater Gombak.


Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

International Islamic University Malaysia

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: Association of Services and Community Development of Gombak District
Role: Co-Chair
Contact name: Henry Sandanam

Name of organisation: IIUM Schools Sdn Bhd
Role: Secretariat
Contact name: Mr Khaharuddin Abdul Rahman 

Current Activities:
  • Foster Family Program for ESD with Charity Right: Feed to Educate
  • Empowering Gombak Community from the Ground Through Education and Training
  • Ensuring Inclusivity in Development: Education for Rohingya Refugees in Selayang
  • River of Life as ESD Platform
  • Economic empowerment of marginalised society
Upcoming Activities:
  • 'Leaving No One Behind' Project with All Party Parliamentary Group-SDG
  • Sustainable Production of Patin Buah
  • IIUM Schools for Refugees
  • Finalist of International Green Gown Award 2020
  • IIUM – Sustainability Institution of the Year 2020
  • LIGHT – Benefitting the Society
  • Special Award for Cleanliness, Health and Sustainability 2019
  • RM33million research grant for for SDG and community development
Communication Channels
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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Assoc Prof Dr Zainal Abidin Sanusi
Secondary RCE Contact:
Wan Zahidah Wan Zulkifle
RCE Youth Coordinator(s):
Idayu Mumtaz Iskandar
General RCE email:
RCE mailing address for correspondence:

Secretariat of RCE Greater Gombak 
International Islamic University Malaysia
P.O Box 10
50728 Kuala Lumpur