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RCE Inje

Photo Credit: RCE Inje
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Republic of Korea
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
December, 2012
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Inje is located in the northeasternmost part of South Korea in Inje county, near the border with North Korea, the de-militarized zone (DMZ) and civilian control zones (CCZ). The DMZ and CCZ created by the armistice treaty of 1953 have excluded human activities in this area for more than 60 years. The result of this has been a restored ecological system and some of the richest biodiversity in Korea. Another result has been the importance of creating a localized vision of sustainable development and peace, where the connections among plants, animals, human beings and all other beings in nature are understood and valued. This requires a transformation of civilization, in which relationships among human beings, individuals and society are peaceful and are focused on harmony.

Goals and Objectives:
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RCE Inje is working to:

  • Create a learning space/network which is both local and global, integrating visions of ecological sustainability, peace and life;
  • Encourage and empower local people who have so far worked hard for restoration of endangered species, DMZ peace-life initiatives, unification movements, organic farming and cooperatives, with a view towards expanding such efforts;
  • Support the Korea DMZ Peace-Life Valley, with its accumulated expertise and networks of cooperation (both national and international), to further contribute to the ESD practices of Inje County; and
  • Create a civic-public governance that can build consensus and implement education and activities of SD.
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