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RCE Mogadishu

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August, 2023
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

Mogadishu covers the coastal city of Mogadishu and its surrounding towns in Banadir and lower shabele region. The historic city of Mogadishu, is the country's largest urban and commercial centre since 1960. Despite the 1991 military regime's destruction of public institutions and infrastructure, the Somali community has shown resilience by establishing education and health facility centres.

The city’s population is estimated to be 2.8 million, with 1.8 being IDPs from neighbouring regions due to insurgency, conflicts and droughts. Youths (persons aged 15-40) is estimated to be almost 80% of the population, making them one of the greatest assets of the nation.  The city hosts key state institutions, foreign embassies, and international NGOs, fostering Sustainable Development Goals education and development programs.

Security in Mogadishu has improved, facilitating the revival and reconstruction of public institutions and infrastructure. Private sector construction and individually owned real estates are also booming, contributing to the real estate and social service sectors.

However, the city faces numerous challenges, including lack of quality education, social inequalities and injustice, fragile public institutions, climate change related shocks, insecurity and limited opportunities for youths and women. The city's sustainable development trajectory is promising but faces main drawbacks of weak financial and human resources capacity, weak institutions and polices, as well as resource-related conflicts and climate change which exacerbates these issues.    

Goals and Objectives:

Short Term Objectives:
1. To conduct need assessments on all learning centres in Banadir, to identify stakeholders' ESD capacity gaps and priorities.
2. To build networks and partnerships with RCE members to mobilise resources to implement ESD activities within the Banaadir region to promote ESD.
3. To conduct preliminary meetings with primary and secondary school heads in the Banadir region to enhance teachers' and students' understanding about the role of RCE Mogadishu.
4. To engage CSOs, including women and youth groups to advocate for the inclusion of sustainability elements and environmental issues in developmental projects implemented by CSOs within regions in Somalia.

Long term Objectives
1. To establish ToTs in the identified learning centres within the Banaadir region to create awareness on ESD and implement ESD activities in schools.
2. To support the learning centres in promoting education for sustainable development (ESD) activities through joint implementation and participatory approaches.
3. To continuously encourage research efforts in educational institutions that will improve the quality of life of people and the planet.
4. To build the capacity of educators in developing ESD tools and teaching methodologies to promote ESD knowledge and proactivity among the learners.
5. To continually boost greater participation and empowerment of youths and women for more inclusive development.
6. To promote peaceful coexistence among communities by advocating for inclusive service delivery ensuring marginalised groups, including disabled individuals, youths, and women, benefit from development projects.
7. Creating platforms and opportunities for dialogue, strategic thinking, knowledge exchange, and action for sustainability.
8. Generating innovative knowledge, approaches, and processes to ESD through partnerships for change, collaborative projects, initiatives, and research.
9. Providing customised ESD support and advice to practitioners, policy, and decision makers.
10. To advocate for enactment of ESD policy and ESD inclusion in educational curricula for all levels of education towards making citizens more sustainable and development-oriented.
11. To lobby the Ministry of Education and other relevant agencies on the need to prioritise science and technology education as a strategy for promoting sustainable development.

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Name of organisation: Samale Institute for Peace and Environment (SIPE)
Type of organisation: A youth-led non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young men and women in Somalia

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Key Partners:

Name of organisation: Samale Institute for Peace and Environment, Jamhuriya University, Garaad Institute, African Institute, 21st October School and Somali Girls Hope Association
Role: Collaboration and Coordination
Contact name: Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdullahi
Contact email:

Name of organisation: Samale Institute for Peace and Environment (SIPE)
Role: Executive Director
Contact name: Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdullahi
Contact email:

Current Activities:
  • Professional Certificate Programs: We offer short-term certificate programs designed to provide specialised knowledge and skills in specific areas of sustainability, such as digital skills for jobs, entrepreneurship skills for employability, renewable energy, skills for green jobs i.e fisheries, landscaping, and environmental conservation and management. These programs are for professionals seeking employability opportunities, to enhance their expertise, or to transition to sustainability-related careers.
  • Continuing Education and Workshops: Workshops, seminars, and continuing education courses will also be a main part of our strategic action plan. We offer opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds to learn about sustainability concepts and best practices for environmental stewardship.
  • Environmental Education in Schools: in collaboration with the education institutions we advocate to incorporate sustainability and environmental education into the national curricula at the different levels of education systems. We advocate to introduce students to topics such as climate change, waste management, and sustainable living practices, fostering a sense of responsibility and encouraging sustainable behaviours.

(Photo credit: RCE Mogadishu)

Upcoming Activities:
  • Community Outreach Programs: we organise sustainability education programs tailored to specific audiences, such as low-income communities or marginalised groups. These programs focus on raising awareness, providing resources, and promoting sustainable practices within the community.
  • Sustainable Campus Initiatives: in collaboration with our partners, we are planning to serve as models of sustainability by implementing sustainable practices on education campuses (School and University Campuses). This includes initiatives such as renewable energy installations, waste reduction programs, sustainable transportation options, and green building designs. These efforts provide practical examples for students and create a living laboratory for sustainability education.
  • Academic Diploma Programs: in partnership with our stakeholders, we offer academic diploma programs focused on sustainability, such as diploma in environmental studies, sustainable development, and education for sustainable development. These programs aim to enhance knowledge and skills of youths and women to get green jobs in the potential blue economy in Somalia.
  • Increased awareness on the importance of environmental protection and land restoration through tree plantation in schools

  • Increased participation of pupils and students in environmental outreach programs

  • Hosted awareness workshop on SDGs for the secondary and primary schools in Mogadishu

(Photo credit: RCE Mogadishu)

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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Anis Yussuf Ibrahim (RCE Regional Coordinator)
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Hassan Nur Isac
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Hassan Nur Isac
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RCE Mogadishu
Samale Institute for Peace and Environment
Private Bag, Mogadishu Somalia