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RCE Pacific Island Countries

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June, 2005
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RCE Pacific covers the Pacific Island Countries and the sub-regions of Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia. Sustainable development, in its totality, is a new concept in the Pacific region, though aspects of it have been addressed separately in all development planning and major projects. A more balanced and holistic approach to development is particularly critical for the island nations because of their limited resource base and the general lack of financial and institutional capacity. These countries are faced with new and emerging threats: trade liberalization, HIV/AIDS, vulnerability to climate change, the conflicts between traditional and modern living and security issues, among others.

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RCE Pacific is working to improve public awareness, education and training to promote sustainable development and build the capacity of Pacific Islanders to achieve sustainable development suitable to the region. In addition, it is working to:

  • Promote understanding and awareness of the concept of ESD among all stakeholders;
  • Assess the role of environmental education and ESD in the current curricula at the basic and tertiary education levels;
  • Coordinate, stimulate and catalyze ESD teaching, research and consultancy at both regional and national levels;
  • Facilitate the promotion of culturally sensitive environmental and development research;
  • Evaluate SD priorities, challenges and strategies to address them in the curricula; and
  • Provide information to present and prospective students and the outside community about courses and careers in the areas of environment and sustainable development.
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