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RCE Reporting and Assessment

This platform will collect all reports (project & RCE management) by all RCEs globally and provides you the opportunity to search by keywords for RCE projects and initiatives around the world. As each project is to be described separately, you have the chance to upload your information during the whole year.

The time consumption might be little higher in the beginning, but it will help you and others for future developments. Please note that some information like project details have to be updated occasionally while information on last year’s achievements need to be filled out only annually and general information only once.

The reporting furthermore provides an self-assessment on the process development of the RCE as well as your projects. Therefore the Graz Model for Integrative Development can be used for self-reflection.
Please click on the Create Reports button above to find the three online forms that must be used to prepare your reports. The online forms can be saved while working on them, so you may start and stop your reporting at your convenience. In the reporting forms, you will notice that you may nominate any of your projects for the RCE Award. If you choose to nominate your project for the Award, you will be directed to a secondary Award application page. IF you have any questions, please contact the Global RCE Service Centre