RCE Saskatchewan Shares Strategies with RCE Greater Atlanta

RCE Saskatchewan shared stories and inspiration with RCE Greater Atlanta, and the school of City Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology on 23 March, 2021. The presentation by Dr. Roger Petry, 'Strategic Interventions for Social, Ecological, and Economic Justice in Saskatchewan: The Role of Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development' covered several RCE Saskatchewan activities since 2009.  Also presenting were two local community sustainability activists as well as Jennifer Hirsch, Coordinator/Co-Founder of RCE Greater Atlanta, and Director of Serve-Learn-Sustain, Georgia Institute of Technology. 

"It’s an amazing collaboration, and what’s nice is … it seems like there are academics and practitioners; there is a community there."  Professor Protip Biswas, Georgia Institute of Technology noted. 

Take a look at the video of the presentation here.