RCE Severn-2015

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Employability-plus training for Students in Sustainability
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
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National Union of Students (UK)
Support with BiGGY Summer Placements (strand 2)
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Jamie Agombar
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5. Project description
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This project has two strands strategically aligned with University of Gloucestershire employability and community outreach activities themed around ESD.

Strand 1: Sustainability Internship Programme (SIP)

Offers UoG students tailored professional development opportunities which connect their higher education studies with real world sustainability. Interns work on projects focussed on professional sustainability challenges enabling students to develop skills in sustainability whilst contributing to sustainability goals of the organisations they work for and the communities these organisations serve.

Strand 2: Big Green Gap Year (BiGGY) Summer Placement Programme

Offers young people prior to university the chance to make an impact in sustainability within a diverse range of RCE Severn partner organisations in Gloucestershire through paid sustainability focussed placements. BiGGY Summer Placements Programme empowers young people aged 18 – 19 to become agents of positive change for sustainability working with local communities.

The project provides young people and students with training in sustainability through workshops which encourage systems thinking and creative problem solving skills for application in a work place environment. Participants are mentored by RCE Severn Coordinator in addition to an allocated workplace mentor throughout their engagement with the project to ensure they are effectively supported in this important development process.

Youth participation in this project aims to mobilise youth in the region by supporting their future employability whilst addressing sustainability challenges of regional RCE Severn partner organisations. Participants deliver tangible sustainability projects within their placements/ internship supporting the region to move forward for sustainability. This tackles the regional challenge of youth employability in addition to achieving sustainability goals of local organisations partnered with the project.

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6. Project status
On Going
This project has been scaled up at UoG for 2015 – 2016 with University funding to resource in-house internships with UoG departments as part of the University Sustainability Strategy in recognition of the project’s value for ESD.
The future of paid placements for BiGGY is currently in discussion at the University with alternative funding options being considered, alternatives include grant funding, sponsorship or payment by placement host.
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