RCE Youth Art Challenge Exhibition Highlights Actions to Conserve Biodiversity

From 15 May-15 July 2023, the RCE Youth Art Challenge exhibition was held at the Global Environment Outreach Centre at the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan.

The event featured awarded artworks from the 2022 RCE Youth Biodiversity Art Challenge, which was run in partnership with UNESCO. The Challenge put a spotlight on the species, habitats, and ecosystems that we all need to work to protect. Artworks focused on SDG 14 (life below water) or SDG 15 (life on land), and highlighted the actions we can all take to conserve biodiversity. 

Over the two months the exhibition was held, more than 2,900 visitors visited the venue displaying drawings, paintings, craft work, digital art, and photographs. About 100 students from four schools visiting UNU on school trips toured the exhibition.

Aiden Chew, an awardee visiting from Singapore, received Honourable Mention in last year’s Challenge for his artwork focusing on sea turtles. Reflecting on what inspired him, a video he watched focusing on the threats posed to sea turtles by humans left a profound impact on him, motivating him to highlight this in his piece.

His mother Candice Wu, further noted, "Even within Southeast Asia, the once-frequent sight of turtles nesting on beaches has become a rare occurrence due to light pollution and other environmental disturbances."

Despite it being Aiden’s first attempt using white charcoal in his creation, it was a rewarding challenge for him, which he worked on every weekend for nearly three weeks. He is now eager to expand his experience in further art challenges, including this year’s edition.

Now in its third year, the RCE Youth Art Challenge is currently open for submissions, this time focusing on the theme of sustainable consumption and production, to inspire others around the world to use resources more efficiently and to reduce waste. Learn more by viewing the open call here.