Stories of Change from the EcoChallenge 2015

EcoChallenge 2015 just wrapped up with over 4,300 people proving that small actions add up to real change! The commitment of people and their communities have been impressive to see over the course of the past two weeks. EcoChallengers have made a real difference. Taking the time to try on new habits and making a difference in a community is no small thing.

At least 35 people participated in the EcoChallenge as part of the RCE team. Participants joined in from Japan, India, Columbia and Kenya. Team captain Kyoko Shiota from UNU-IAS had the EcoChallenge goal “to connect people working on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) issues around the world through the EcoChallenge.”

The Northwest Earth Institute has summarised some of the other Ecochallenge stories in its blog.

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