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As we Advocate for a Sustainable World

The world has today witness what I refer to as 'Ocean' of advocacy in championing the course of Sustainable development. Several young people, activists, and governments of several nations have designed different methods to address the unending issues of our future through NGOs and government agencies.

Even with this impressive efforts, there is still a huge need to filled up the numerous gaps that are around us. Ranging from aspects education, poverty, health, and environment among others. However, as we advocate for all this, there is the need to put in a bit of creativity and innovation to make it efficient, participatory and reliable.

Therefore, my advice to us in the search for a sustainable future is to make our programmes more people oriented by involving them in all aspects of their lives. A good need assessment before embarking on any project for any community is basic.

Harnessing indigenous knowledge and promoting social values that will encourage the locals to be more proactive in action for a sustainable future which has a direct effect on their lives and the environment they live.

I hope we will also see reason in making positive change for our society.

Ibrahim Akibu Ja'afaru