Winners of 2016 UNESCO-Japan Prize for ESD

The three winners of the 2016 UNESCO-Japan Prize on ESD are:

1) the Centre for Community Regeneration and Development (CCREAD-Cameroon) from Cameroon, a youth-lead programme which targets children, youth, women and indigenous groups in marginalized, hard-to-reach communities

2) the Okayama ESD Promotion Commission from Japan, involving 240 organizations which show a highly unusual systemic and city-wide approach to ESD

3) the National Union of Students (NUS-UK), consisting of 600 students’ unions from the United Kingdom, which accredit and award university departments for sustainability efforts.

This Prize was established in 2014 to honour and showcase outstanding ESD projects of individuals, institutions and organizations within the framework of the Global Action Programme on ESD.

For more information about the winners of this year’s Prize, follow this link and check out the photos on Flickr.