Capacity Development

Abel Atiti
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Capacity development and training is one of the seven inter-linked strategies that were identified by the UN International Implementation Scheme for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNESCO, 2005) to advance the vision of ESD. Many RCEs are involved in designing and implementing capacity development programs aimed at improving stakeholder sustainability competencies and skills. Such programs need to lay emphasis on participation, ownership and sharing of facilitation roles within an RCE network. It is important to view capacity development as a participatory process which focuses on the importance of network relationships, dialogue and diversity in enabling social change and sustainability. Following the 7th Global RCE Conference that was held in Tongyeong, Republic of Korea, three action points were raised for further for implementation. These are: To establish a database on capacity development materials and resources. To cultitvate online deliberations with a view to identifying thematic areas for capacity development. To produce publications based on capacity development case studies.

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