Field Visits


Excursion is planned on 8 November. You can choose and attend one of the courses from below. Kindly register for the excursion through the registration website by 3 October.

Course A: Trees Turn Into Energy!? Experience the life in Satoyama (Community Forest) for the next generation
Course B: Tour in collaboration of Kagamino-cho town office and Yamada Bee Farm Environmental Class Honeybee Tour: “The Largest Group of Potholes in the East and the Tunnel of Red Colored Autumn Leaves” Version
Course C: Thinking of the Historical Romance! Leisurely walk around the Castle in the sky and Castle Town Japanese Black Tea made from the Nature of Takahashi for everyone in the World! A Project to resurrect the ruined tea gardens
Course D: Experience the new urban development opened up with environment and art
Course E: Tour to go around white walls of the Bikan Historical Quarter and Visit townhouses
Course F: Meet the wind of culture in Okayama Cultural Zone

For IAS-funded participants (IAS-funded participants can choose from Course I and II):
Course I: The whole town museum
Course II: Feel ancient romance

For details, please refer to the brochure.