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Issue 91: March 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Greetings from the Global RCE Service Centre!

A reminder that RCE Applications are closing soon, at the end of next month. Details on how to apply are listed further below, as are the many upcoming events, publications, and news from around the RCE community, including the announcement of the Europe Regional Meeting host for 2019!

If you would like to contribute your latest news to any upcoming bulletins, please complete this form and email your submission to the Global RCE Service Centre at rceservicecentre@unu.edu (submissions close on the 15th of each month).

The Global RCE Service Centre

Save the Date: Europe Regional Meeting 2019

The Global RCE Service Centre is pleased to announce that RCE Crete will host the Europe Regional Meeting 2019, from 13-14 September, 2019 in Crete, Greece. Watch this space for further details soon.

RCE Regional Meetings 2019

A reminder of the other RCE Regional Meetings taking place in 2019:

  • 12th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting: 4-6 June, 2019, Hangzhou China (hosted by RCE Hangzhou)
  • 9th African Regional Meeting: 5-7 August, 2019, Kwaluseni, Eswatini (hosted by RCE Eswatini)
  • 8th Americas Regional Meeting: 23-25 September, 2019, Burlington, USA (hosted by RCE Greater Burlington)

Upcoming Events

13th Learning Teacher Network Conference
11-13 April, 2019, Dubrovnik Croatia

The Learning Teacher Network (LTN) have announced their 13th International Conference will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 11-13 April, 2019. This year's theme is 'From Theory to Action, A Creative Response to ESD'. Teachers, educational staff and practitioners are invited to apply and attend and/or present at the Conference. Read more

International Conference on Youth, Oceans and SDG 14
1-5 July, 2019, Melaka, Malaysia

(Photo source: World Youth Foundation)

Organised by the World Youth Foundation, in collaboration with the Young Environmental Forum, International Youth Council and several other agencies, the International Conference on 'Youth, Oceans and SDG 14' will be held from 1-5 July, 2019 in Melaka, Malaysia. The event provides an opportunity for young people aged 18-25 years from around the globe to come together to discuss, find solutions, share best practices, and develop strategies on issues such as marine pollution, climate change related impacts on the oceans, sustainable blue economy, coral reefs, and fisheries, among others. On the last day of the event, participants will formulate a Global Marine Litter Awareness Campaign which will be adopted by the conference delegates. Early registration closes 31 May, 2019. Read more

RCE Greater Atlanta to Host Sustainability Track at Atlanta Global Studies Symposium
26 April, 2019, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Highlighting the need to solve emerging sustainability issues through collaborative approaches, RCE Greater Atlanta will host a track, 'Transforming Education and Society through University-Community Partnerships' at the Inaugural Annual Atlanta Global Studies Symposium on 'The UN Sustainable Development Goals in Education, Research, and Community Engagement.'

The track will engage academia and community partners in conversation on diverse approaches, successes and challenges in implementing the SDGs through research, teaching, service and community development. The three sessions will bring together scholars and practitioners - including members of regional and global RCEs - with an aim to educate the broader public on the foundations of ESD; share the ways in which RCEs around the world are advancing ESD in their regions; and facilitate partnership within RCE Greater Atlanta and with other RCEs around the world. Additionally, RCE Greater Atlanta will contribute to the poster fair and table exhibits to showcase collaborative projects on sustainability and offer new networking opportunities.

The Symposium will take place from 25-27 April, 2019, with RCE Greater Atlanta's sessions taking place on 26 April, 2019. For those who are unable to attend the Symposium, you can join the sessions via the BlueJeans Collaboration Platform. For further details, see the event website here.

RCE Kano to Run Training on Design and Production of Modified 2-Brick Stoves to Mitigate Household Indoor Air Pollution in Nigeria
29 March, 2019, Gusau, Nigeria

RCE Kano, Sun24, Inc. (a USA NGO), and in close collaboration with Centre for Renewable Energy and Action on Climate Change (RCE Kano partner), will be holding a training session for women on how to produce fuel-efficient stoves that use local materials and reduce emissions. See more details and read the concept note here.

Open Calls

Call for Abstracts: 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals (ICSDG 2019)

Organised by the South East Asia Sustainability Network and the Centre for Global Sustainability Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, the '2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals 2019' (ICSDG 2019) will take place from 30-31 July, 2019, in Penang, Malaysia. Under the theme 'Achieving SDGs: Rising to the Challenge', the conference will provide a platform for sharing information, experiences and best practices in addressing sustainability challenges while also seeking collaboration and cooperation among organisations worldwide in achieving the SDGs. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 1 April, 2019. Read more

Now Open: UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities Membership

Applications are now open for cities interested in joining the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). The GNLC is an international policy-oriented network comprised of cities committed to implement lifelong learning for all. Further information and how to apply can be found here. The deadline for applications is 30 April, 2019.

Closing Soon: RCE Applications 2019

RCE Applications for 2019 are closing next month! Organisations interested in becoming an RCE and facilitating learning towards sustainable development in their communities are encouraged to apply. Before applying, please take time to review the Guidelines for RCE Applications as well as the key dates in the application process, announced in the open call here. Sample applications are also available from RCE Greater Portland and RCE Bordeaux Aquitaine.

To apply, please submit an application and an application summary to the Global RCE Service Centre (rceservicecentre@unu.edu) by 30 April, 2019 (11:59pm JST).

Call for Artworks: Niihama SDGs Art Festival

The Niihama SDGs Art Festival, to be held 24 August - 18 October, 2019, in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, is currently accepting artwork submissions, to be displayed at the Niihama City Museum of Art (Akagane Museum) during the exhibition period.  

The festival aims to increase children's in-depth understanding of the efforts towards the realisation of a sustainable society while enjoying art, to encourage art activities that raise awareness on the SDGs, and to deepen and improve ESD beyond Niihama City and make advanced efforts to foster city-wide momentum towards the achievement of the SDGs.

Elementary and Junior High School students from Grades one to nine are invited to submit planar works using paper and/or video. Applications should be submitted to Niihama City Museum of Art (or an organisation/group designated by the coordinating committee) directly or by post between 1 April and 30 June, 2019, together with the application form. Further information about the festival can also be found here.

Latest News

ECOSOC Publishes New Strategic Orientation of UN-Habitat for 2020-2025

The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has issued a note by the Secretary-General outlining a new strategic orientation of the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) for the period 2020-2025, which aims to reposition UN-Habitat as a centre of excellence and innovation. Read more

Meeting of RCEs in Thailand Discusses Experiences, Challenges, and Collaboration in the Region

(Photo credit: RCE Sakon Nakhon)

On 15 February, 2019, newly acknowledged RCE Sakon Nakhon held an informal RCE meeting at Kasetsart University Chalermprakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus, Thailand, in conjunction with the 10th International Conference on Environmental and Rural Development (ICERD), with RCEs in Thailand and neighbouring countries joining the meeting.

The meeting served as a chance to welcome RCE Sakon Nakhon to the Global RCE Network, as well as for each RCE to share their ESD activities, experiences and challenges in sustaining RCE activities. Enhancing collaboration between RCEs in the region was also a topic of discussion. Read more

RCE Penang Shares Expertise with Preschool Teachers on Green Gardening Techniques

Last month RCE Penang held a workshop on sustainable gardening practices titled 'Integrated Green Garden' at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang, Malaysia. Twenty preschool teachers from seven preschools which are part of the RSEN (Regional Sejahtera ESD Network) around Penang Island attended. Participants were shown how gardening could be made more 'green', from the types of fertilisers to be used to planting techniques. The workshop is part of a series of programmes for school teachers conducted by RCE Penang. Read more

RCE Hangzhou Leads Students on SDG Discovery Tour in Cheongju, South Korea

(Photo credit: RCE Hangzhou)

RCE Hangzhou recently led a group of students on an SDG-themed tour of the city of Cheongju, South Korea, to learn about South Korean culture and ecology. Throughout the tour, from 8 February - 15 February, 2019, students experienced a range of activities such as a visit to a local reptile and amphibian protection centre, a tour of the recovered remains of an ancient village submerged by a reservoir, and even a meeting with the mayor of Cheongju.

Camps such as this are an example of RCE Hangzhou's brand-name project, 'Earth Successor' Discovery Tours, often held during winter and summer breaks. The project aims to help students become earth successors and SDG-advocating global citizens. Read more

RCE Srinagar Runs Sessions for Science Motivation Programme and Green Skill Development Workshop

(Photo credit: RCE Srinagar)

RCE Srinagar was recently invited to participate in a Science Motivation Programme for School Teachers organised by the School of Education, Hemvati Nanadan Bahuguna Garhwal (Central) University (HNBGU), from 6-11 March, 2019, and a workshop 'Rural Technology Connect for Green Skill Development, Harnessing Bioresource Potential for Livelihood Enhancement and Natural Resource Management in the Central Himalaya', held by the Govind Ballabh Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development (GBPNIHESD), from 11-18 March, 2019.

Dr. Abdhesh Kumar Gangwar, Coordinator and Focal Point, RCE Srinagar, ran two sessions: Action Research in Science, and Significance and Report Writing, orienting the participants on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Aichi Biodiversity Targets, and the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more

RCE Thiruvananthapuram Holds Kerala School Agri Fest 2019

(Photo credit: RCE Thiruvananthapuram)

Since 2010, the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), the secretariat of RCE Thiruvananthapuram, has been organising an annual Children's Agri Science Congress on a specific theme to inspire children to practice agriculture, to see farming as a dignified profession, and to provide them with an understanding of the scientific and social values inherent in agriculture.

Held on 19-20 January, 2019 at Mariyumma Memorial Public School in Kerala, India, the Kerala School Agri Fest 2019 was a continuation of the Okayama Award-winning 'Kerala Balakrishi Sastra Congress'. This year's theme was 'Traditional Knowledge in Agriculture and Climate Resilience', with sub-themes including 'Agro Biodiversity', 'IT in Agriculture', 'Cow-based Agriculture', 'Medicinal Gardens', 'Underutilised Fruits and Vegetables', and 'Innovations in Organic Farming'. Read RCE Thiruvananthapuram's full report of the event here.

RCE Srinagar Participates in Prayagraj Kumbh 2019

(Photo credit: RCE Srinagar)

RCE Srinagar recently participated in Prayagraj Kumbh 2019, an event held between 15 January - 4 March, 2019. Kumbh, (the festival of the Sacred Pitcher as it is known in Sanskrit language), is the largest peaceful congregation of pilgrims on Earth, during which participants bathe or take a dip in a sacred river at the confluence of the Ganges, the Yamuna and Saraswati.

Kumbh provided RCE Srinagar with a good opportunity to promote ESD and demonstrate concepts such as clean and green environments, energy efficient transport and lighting, reducing carbon and other footprints, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction. People happily walked over 15-20km to reach to the bathing ghats demonstrating their will and commitment towards low carbon lifestyles, being sustainable, and living in harmony with nature. Read more


SDG Zone: Your One-Stop-Shop for Information on the SDGs

This portal, created by SDSN Youth (Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth Initiative) provides a one-stop-shop for people to learn about the SDGs. The content is split into a number of sections; Learn about the SDGs, Engage with the SDGs, Act on the SDGs, how sectors can get involved, as well as information about SDSN Youth Campaigns. Access it here.

UN Environment Sixth Global Environment Outlook

UN Environment's Sixth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6) is the most comprehensive assessment of the state of the world's environment. In addition, GEO-6 illustrates possible future environmental trends, and analyses the effectiveness of policies. The report emphasises that urgent and inclusive action is needed by decision makers at all levels to protect the health of the planet and its people. Read more

UN World Water Development Report 2019: Leaving No One Behind

The 2019 edition of the World Water Development Report (WWDR 2019) entitled 'Leaving No One Behind' seeks to inform policy and decision-makers, inside and outside the water community, how improvements in water resources management and access to water supply and sanitation services are essential to overcoming poverty and addressing various other social and economic inequities. Read more

Driving Systems Change in Turbulent Times

Taken from the perspective of early 2019, this report from Forum for the Future, titled 'Driving Systems Change in Turbulent Times - the Future of Sustainability 2019', identifies seven global trends that have implications for how global challenges can be addressed going into the 2020s. Read more or download the report here.

Policy Handbook: Advancing Education for Sustainable Development

Published by the World Future Council Foundation, this handbook explores some of the central success factors in policy, process and practice in some of the pioneering countries and contexts where Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is being effectively embraced. Read more

A New Use for Google Maps: Calculating a City's Carbon Footprint

Launched in September 2018, Google's Environmental Insights Explorer is an online tool that calculates emissions from buildings, car trips, and public transport to illustrate how a city's sustainability efforts are faring. Read more

USDN Sustainable Consumption Toolkit: Advancing Sustainable Consumption in Cities

This toolkit, developed as part of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network's suite of Innovation Products, introduces key concepts in the area of sustainable consumption and helps users and cities explore how to implement strategies to advance sustainable consumption. Read more

A Journey through Smart Cities: Between Datapolis and Participolis

This essay-report by Francis Pisani takes a look at how some of the largest cities in the world have addressed their challenges through the use of ICT solutions and the impacts this has had on the daily lives of its citizens. Read more (note that the English version starts on page 120).