Europe Regional Meeting 2023

Europe Regional Meeting 2023

12-14 September 2023, online, hosted by RCE Basque Country - Navarre and RCE Fryslân

(Photo credit: Samuel Fernández Diekert)

The Europe Regional Meeting 2023 was hosted by RCE Basque Country - Navarre and RCE Fryslân, held virtually from 12-14 September, 2023, under the theme 'Transformative Education for Sustainable Regions'.

The meeting built on the experience of RCE Fryslân following the successful hosting of the Europe Regional Meetings 2022 (Part I and Part II), and utilised the fresh energy provided by the newly acknowledged RCE Basque Country - Navarre.

Several organisations and institutions engaged in RCE Basque Country – Navarre are currently leading the adoption of the Basque Strategy for Education for Social Transformation which aims to promote: (i) a critical citizenship that is aware of injustice and inequality on the planet; and (ii) equitable and solidarity-based practices that generate practices leading to individual and collective change.

In addition to following-up on actions agreed during the European RCE Meeting 2022, this meeting sought inspiration from different angles of the European ESD community, and in particular, heard from voices of the RCE youth networks.

A recap of the meeting is available here.

The Global RCE Service Centre would like to thank the teams at RCE Fryslân and RCE Basque Country - Navarre for their wonderful contributions and efforts organising a successful Europe Regional Meeting 2023, and to all participants for their active participation and contributions.


Date/Time: 12-14 September 2023

Location: Online

Programme: Final programme



Presentation Presenter/s
Proyecto Boost - Promoting Environmental Education For Sustainability in the Basque Country Mikel Ballesteros Garcia (Mikel Ballesteros Garcia (Basque Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment)
Pedagogy Of Hope Heleentje Swart on behalf of Jose Middendorp (RCE Fryslân)
How Do We Build A Movement For Change Kirsten Leask (RCE Scotland)
Araban Zu Zero - Climate Footprint Calculator Eduardo Ochoa de Aspuru (RCE Basque Country - Navarre)
Vemo-nos no Monte (See You in the Forest) Joám Evans (RCE Galicia)
Educational Community In Exile Without Institutional Support Kate Sposob (RCE Belarus)
Inner Development Goals (IDGs) Leire Iriarte (RCE Basque Country - Navarre)
The 15 Critical Uncertainties Taken Into Consideration Françoise Laveuve (RCE Brittany​)


Presentation Presenter/s
How Can We Support Education Professionals in (Re)Designing Education for Sustainable Development? Mr Menno Wierdsma (practor Sustainable Thinking and Acting at Firda)
FACTORIA 4.7 - Ibero-American Platform On Education For Sustainable Development Samuel Fernández Diekert (RCE Basque Country - Navarre)
Monitoring and Evaluating Education for Sustainable Development Rehema White & Betsy King (RCE Scotland)
Aprendiztegi Saul Hoffmann (RCE Basque Country - Navarre)
The Role of the Human Dimension in Promoting Education for Sustainable Development at the Regional Level Jana Dlouha (RCE Czechia)
RCE South Poland Marek Francowicz (RCE South Poland)

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View the magazine produced by Chiara Ravelli, RCE Fryslân, containing a report from the European Regional Meeting 2023.