Europe Regional Meeting 2023

Europe Regional Meeting 2023

12-14 September 2023, online, hosted by RCE Basque Country - Navarre and RCE Fryslân

(Photo credit: Samuel Fernández Diekert)

The Europe Regional Meeting 2023 will be hosted by RCE Basque Country - Navarre and RCE Fryslân and held virtually from 12-14 September, 2023, under the theme 'Transformative Education – Innovative Pedagogical Approaches to ESD'.

The meeting will build on the experience of RCE Fryslân following the successful hosting of the Europe Regional Meetings 2022 (Part I and Part II), and take advantage of the fresh energy provided by the newly acknowledged RCE Basque Country - Navarre.

Several organisations and institutions engaged in RCE Basque Country – Navarre are currently leading the adoption of the Basque Strategy for Education for Social Transformation which aims to promote: (i) a critical citizenship that is aware of injustice and inequality on the planet; and (ii) equitable and solidarity-based practices that generate practices leading to individual and collective change.

In addition to following-up on actions agreed during the European RCE Meeting 2022, this meeting will seek inspiration from different angles of the European ESD community, and in particular, hear the voices of the RCE youth networks.

Further details will be announced soon - for now, please save the date!


Date/Time: 12-14 September 2023

Location: Online