RCE Greater Dhaka Organises Workshop on Adaptation of Global Citizenship Education

Photo credits: RCE Greater Dhaka

On 13th September, 2018, a one-day workshop titled ‘Adaptation of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in Bangladesh for ESD’ was held at IUBAT (International University of Business Agriculture and Technology) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jointly organised by the Centre for Global Environmental Culture (CGEC), RCE Greater Dhaka, and UNESCO Dhaka, the aim of the workshop was to gather feedback from education experts, academicians, government, and NGOs, on the translation of an adaptive GCE guide into Bengali.

The guide, produced by CGEC and RCE Greater Dhaka for Bangladesh and Bengali communities throughout the world, was adapted from a UNESCO publication titled Global Citizenship Education: Topics and learning objectives, which was developed to provide pedagogical guidance to UN Member States on integrating GCE into their education systems.

Mrs. Sun Lei, Education Specialist at UNESCO Dhaka was the special guest, whilst ESD experts in Bangladesh were also in attendance at the workshop. Feedback was very positive, with comments to be incorporated into an updated version. Suggestions were also made to undertake another joint project on ESD incorporating RCE Greater Dhaka’s activities in the future.