Webinar Series Report - ESD Action in COVID-19 Era: Experiences of RCEs of Asia-Pacific Region

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, and inspired by the Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee, RCE Srinagar in cooperation with RCE Greater Western Sydney organised a coordinated webinar series titled 'ESD Action in COVID-19 Era: Experiences of RCEs of Asia Pacific Region'.


Webinar 'Indigenous People in COVID Era' Marks Celebration of '2020 International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples'

RCE East Kalimantan and RCE Srinagar co-hosted a webinar 'Indigenous People in COVID Era' celebrating 'International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples' on 10 August 2020. Over 200 participants, including 37 RCEs within the Asia-Pacific Region, attended the webinar.


Webinar 'Youth and Sustainability in COVID Era' Marks Celebration of International Youth Day 2020

Today's youth face extraordinary global challenges. Worsening modern conflicts, climate change, increasing gaps of inequality, and now COVID-19. The pandemic has brought with it a lot of uncertainty for young peoples' futures.


RCE Central Semenanjung Translates SDGs into Action for a Sustainable Campus & Community

Since 2015, RCE Central Semenanjung (RCE CS) Malaysia through its secretariat - University Malaya (UM) Community & Sustainability Centre or well-known as 'UMCares' has organised a competition for in-house university students named the 'UMCares Competition'. This year, UMCares along with the strategic partnership of UM Sustainability & Living Labs Secretariat (UMSLLS) have redesigned the competition with the aim to enhance and showcase eco-campus and community initiatives at the UM residential colleges level.


New Publication from UNESCO Bangkok & UNU-IAS Presents Innovative Multi-Stakeholder Approaches at the Local Level by RCEs in the Asia-Pacific Region

A new publication recently launched from UNESCO Bangkok and UNU-IAS, 'Multi-stakeholder Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development in Local Communities: Towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia', presents a collection of case studies from RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region, demonstrating innovative approaches to ESD through multi-stakeholder partnerships at the local level.