RCE Hangzhou Host German Language SDGs Roadshow

The 4th Zhejiang German Language SDGs Roadshow, with the theme of "Qiantang River Dialogue with the Rhine", was held in Hangzhou and was jointly organised by RCE Hangzhou, Green Zhejiang, and Sino Education.

The Zhejiang German Language SDGs Competition has been held annually since 2017. Starting in 2019, the competition began to use SDGs as its theme, hoping to stimulate people's motivation to change the world through working together, and encourage and influence more people to participate in the implementation of the SDGs.

This year's competition, which began its selection process in August 2020, attracted more than 100 students from high schools and universities across China. After three months of pre-selection, a total of 17 groups of contestants ranging from youth to adults came to the fore and entered the finals. At the final event, the groups of contestants used various methods such as speeches and skits to perform their interpretations of the 17 SDGs.

RCE Hangzhou vice director Janne Leino pointed out that it is important for future generations to tackle common international problems by analysing them from social, environmental, and economic aspects. Not only does this foster innovation and the creation of sustainable solutions, but it also helps students to develop critical thinking and reflective skills. 

(Photo credits: RCE Hangzhou)