RCE Iskandar-2015

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Iskandar Malaysia Ecolife Challenge 2015
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Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
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Iskandar Malaysia Ecolife Challenge (IMELC) is a student version of eco-household accounting which includes recording and evaluating household energy usage such as electricity, water and gas. This is to raise awareness of energy efficiency among students and promote consciousness towards energy usage and its conservation, as well as inculcating energy savings behaviour from young. The prelimiary project was conducted in year 2013 in 23 primary schools within the Iskandar Malaysia region where the Year 6 students completed a workbook and present at a final presentation to select the winner. IMELC workbook is adapted from the Kyoto 2011 version by UTM researchers by matching the contents to the Malaysian primary school curriculum. The bilingual (Malay & English) workbook contains activities revolving around students’ daily life that is connected to the issue of greenhouse gas emission (carbon emission) including energy consumption (electricity and water), transportation (fuel usage), waste generation and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), eco-label, renewable energy sources and plants. IMELC is conducted by school teachers as a post-UPSR activity thus making teachers the key persons to the success of IMELC. The students were required to conduct campaigns to save energy and water at schools. They were also asked to collect recycleable items. These modules became sub-competitions for IMELC where winners were selected based on the highest electricty saving, water saving and recycling collection in weight. For the final presentation, 15 schools were selected based on the percentage of completed workbook submission, highest electricity saving, water saving and recycling collection. In 2015, a total of 27262 Primary 6 students from 226 primary schools participated in IMELC (all primary schools in RCE Iskandar). They were grouped into 5 students to complete the workbook at schools or at home. Science teachers who have attended the LCS training and briefing on the use of the workbook help the students to complete that workbook. Every school chose a winner group that represents their school in the final competition to show their LCS awareness in an oral presentation. The winner group will win a study trip to Kyoto.

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On Going
All the modules, campaigns and workbooks are completed. Final presentation will be conducted on 15 November 2015. Observations and interviews were conducted during the project implementation. Surveys of the students' and teachers' awareness on low carbon were conducted. Calculation of carbon reduction through IMELC 2015 is in progress. The report of the data analysis and calculation will be available in the end of the year.
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