RCE Salisbury Hosts 9th Americas Regional Meeting

(Report by RCE Salisbury, edits made by Global RCE Service Centre)

On 14 October and 15 October, 2020, RCE Salisbury hosted the 9th Americas Regional Meeting to explore the theme 'The Future is Now – Sustainable Development' with the support of the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS). A total of 448 participants registered for the Zoom event, coming from 25 RCE locations, mostly from the Americas but also in Asia, Africa, and Europe and with twenty-one countries represented. There were 19 talks in total and a large amount of information exchanged by the presenters and the students.  

RCEs in attendance showcased their ESD projects and initiatives worked on over the past year, whilst the Global RCE Service Centre provided updates since the last regional meeting. The comprehensive programme included discussions on the intersections between education for sustainable development (ESD) and other disciplines of academic study, as well as how working with partners from other sectors, such as business and NGOs, enhances learning. Translators from RCE Salisbury provided Spanish and Portuguese translations for the event via the Chat Box, so that the translations could be almost live for the participants.  

Other initiatives discussed included agreement by the RCEs in attendance to move forward on a governance structure in the RCE Americas network. RCE Salisbury would like to continue discussions and offer a follow-up meeting in early 2021. 

RCE Salisbury is hosted by the Bosserman Center of Conflict Resolution and by RCE Co-Directors Dr. Brittany Foutz and Dr. Brian Polkinghorn. The Bosserman Center of Conflict Resolution, located in Salisbury, Maryland (USA), is a non-profit organisation geared towards conflict resolution on a local and global scale. The mission of the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution is to promote a systems-based approach to the effective analysis and practical resolution of social conflict. The center utilizes a teaching hospital model whereby faculty and staff are practitioners. 

RCE Salisbury would like to thank the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability and the Global RCE Service Centre. 

Details on the programme and presentations can be found here. Watch the videos for Day One and Day Two.