Inter-RCE Project

6th African RCE Conference sees Youth actively engaging and leads to Action Plans for implementation of the GAP and SDGs

African RCEs met for the sixth time at Kenyatta University Nairobi, Kenya on 24-26 August, 2016. The theme of the conference was ‘Developing Capacities of African RCEs for the Implementation of the Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD and the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)’.


European RCEs Meet to Promote Social and Environmental Justice

On June 23-24, 2016 about 50 participants from 17 European RCEs met at London South Bank University (LSBU) in London to hold the annual European RCE Meeting. On the first day of the conference, overshadowed by UK’s decision to leave the European Union, European RCEs affirmed their solidarity and commitment to future collaboration to promote social and environmental justice.

United Kingdom