12th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

12th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting 2019

4-6 June, 2019, Hangzhou, China

(Photo credit: Yang Yi)

The 12th Asia-Pacific RCE Meeting will be organised in Hangzhou, China, beginning from 4th June, 2019, in conjunction with the Symposium on 'Enabling a Low-Carbon Society through Education for Sustainable Development' to be held on 5th June, 2019, followed by a thematic workshop and field trip on 6th June, 2019.

All events will be hosted by RCE Hangzhou with the support of the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS). This event will also celebrate World Environment Day 2019 on 5th June, 2019, which encourages awareness and action for the protection of our environment.  

Details on the meeting and registration can be found below.





4-6 June, 2019

Hangzhou Low-carbon Science & Technology Museum, China
1888 Jianghan Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China

The (tentative) programme can be accessed here.  

Registration is free for all participants, however accommodation, some meals and travel arrangements are to be covered individually. 

To register, complete the Registration form and submit it to RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn) and the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu).

We recommend you consider one of the listed hotels below which are near the venue and have special offers available to meeting attendees. Rooms at the hotels are limited and may only be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. If you wish to make a reservation at one of the three hotels, please contact RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn) by 23:59, Friday 3 May, 2019 (JST) which, depending on availability, will help you secure accommodation. You will then be requested to complete your own booking directly with the hotel. In your email, please make sure to write your title and full name, your RCE name, the date and time of check in and check out and number of occupants/rooms required, and send the email together with a copy of your passport to RCE Hangzhou.

Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel 800 metres USD 145
Zhuosheng Lijing Hotel (Zhuosheng Hotel Binjiang, Zhuosheng Regency Hotel) 50 metres USD 55
Jinglan Yuntai Impression Hotel 500 metres USD 75

Action Plans 
In order to create a regional action plan, and to promote RCEs' contributions to the Global Action Programme on ESD, the Sustainable Development Goals, and other relevant processes including IPBES and the Paris Agreement, the Secretariat would like to ask each RCE to submit an updated action plan by using the Action Plan template. This is to share planned activities of each RCE in the Asia-Pacific region and to promote collaborations among RCEs to see if there are any activities which can be upscaled by other RCEs in the region. This will also allow us to consolidate and synergise activities in the region. Please submit this action plan to the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu) by 23:59, Sunday 19 May, 2019 (JST).

Case Study Presentations – Symposium
Participants are eligible to apply to present as part of the Symposium on 'Enabling a Low-carbon Society through Education for Sustainable Development'.

For those applying, the deadline for case study submissions is 23:59, Friday 22 March, 2019 (JST)

To apply, complete Section 3 in the Registration form and submit your RCE Project via the RCE Portal. **The deadline for applications for case study presentations has closed.**

Financial Support
RCE members are encouraged to explore and obtain funding from sources other than UNU-IAS, where possible, to help those without access to funding sources participate in this meeting. Financial support will be given to members of acknowledged RCEs ONLY. Please submit Form A: Financial Request form to the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu) by 23:59, Friday 22 March, 2019 (JST).  You must also submit an RCE Project to the RCE Portal. Please read the selection criteria and the terms and conditions carefully before applying for financial support, and please make sure to sign the Applicant Declaration section (see section 3 in Form A) and to obtain your RCE coordinator’s recommendation (see section 4 in Form A). Incomplete or delayed applications will not be considered for selection. **The deadline for applications for fund support has closed.**

Instructions on How to Submit an RCE Project
Instructions to submit an RCE Project on the RCE Portal can be found on the Create RCE Project page on the RCE Portal. Please make sure you have your login details ready (username and logins can be found here). A video tutorial is available to guide you through the process.

Visa Support Request
Participants that require a visa to enter China, and are in need of support documents, please submit Section 2 in the Registration form along with a copy of your passport to RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn) and the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu). Please make sure to apply for the visa well in advance. Note that visa application support will be given to members of acknowledged RCEs ONLY

Lightning Presentations - 4th June 2019 (Day 1)
Some of you are familiar with Lightning Presentations, which started at the 11th Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting held in Parramatta (Sydney), Australia. This great exercise will be back at the Asia-Pacific meeting this year! It can be a challenge to condense all information into a 3 minute presentation, however it is a great warm-up activity.  

Please read the guidelines below carefully and submit ONE slide only per representative to RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn) and the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu).


  • 1 representative from each RCE to participate in a lightning presentation.
  • A single static slide is permitted to use for the presentation. No slide transitions, animations, sound and video are allowed.
  • Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum. You will be notified when you have a minute to conclude your presentation.
  • The slide should include the following points:
    1. RCE name and Country
    2. RCE Challenge/Issue
    3. RCE Education Strategy and Response to Challenge/Issue (from point 2)
    4. How this links to the SDGs and what targets this initiative addresses?  

<Sample slides>
Please visit the website (http://www.rcenetwork.org/portal/11th-asia-pacific-regional-meeting) for your reference only.

Please submit a slide to RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn) and the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu) by Sunday 19 May, 2019.

Poster Exhibition
Are you interested in contributing to the poster exhibition? If yes, please submit a poster in PDF or JPG format to RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn). RCE Hangzhou will kindly print out your poster prior to the meeting.

Poster size: 120 cm x 90 cm
DPI (Dots per inch): No lower than 150 dpi
File size: 3MB or above

Please submit your poster in PDF or JPG format to RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn) by Sunday 19 May, 2019. Should you have any questions in regards to the poster exhibition, please contact RCE Hangzhou (apmtg@rcehangzhou.cn).



  • 23:59, Friday 22 March, 2019 (JST):
    • Registration for participants applying for fund support (please submit the Registration form, Form A: Financial Request form, and upload an RCE Project to the RCE Portal) **The deadline for applications for fund support has closed.**
    • Case Study Presentations (please upload your RCE Project to the RCE Portal) **The deadline for applications for case study presentations has closed.**
  • 23:59, Friday 3 May, 2019 (JST):
    • Registrations for participants NOT applying for fund support (please submit the Registration form) **The deadline for registrations has closed.**
    • Hotel booking via RCE Hangzhou (please see Accommodation section above)
  • 23:59, Sunday 19 May, 2019 (JST):
    • Action Plans (please see Action Plans section above)
    • Lightning Presentations (please see Lightning Presentations section above)
    • Poster Exhibition (please see Poster Exhibition section above)

Registration form
Form A - Financial Request form
Form B – RCE Project Summary sheet - only to be used by those who cannot submit their project on the RCE Portal
Action Plan template
Programme (tentative)