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Asia Pacific RCE DRR Network Concept

Disasters pose serious threat to mankind. Their frequency and magnitude require a certain preparedness for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), especially in remote areas.


Preparedness for disaster risk reduction is an integral part of ESD. The RCE community provides a perfect platform for addressing DRR by way of ‘Building Climate Smart, Disaster Resilient and Sustainable Communities’. The ‘Mehfooz’ (in Urdu language) ‘School Safety’ Programme encompasses safety of all, safety everywhere, and safety all the time. In below open call, RCE Srinagar appeals and encourages RCEs in the Asia Pacific region to engage in DRR. 


Dear RCEs in Asia Pacific,

Warm greetings! As we are aware, disasters have been occurring very frequently causing heavy loss of human lives and property. In future, disasters are going to increase both in frequency and magnitude. By way of being prepared, the losses from disasters can be minimised to a great extent and post disasters relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction can be accelerated much better and faster.


Safety is important for peace, progress and prosperity. Starting with schools and other educational institutions we can reach out to community thus ensuring safety of all, everywhere, all the time. Engaging into DRR preparedness warrants urgent and immediate attention. The engagement is easy and simple. Already there is ample IEC material, training modules and activities developed. Besides these, there is a variety of other resource material available. These can be easily adapted and translated to make them locale-specific. Some can be directly used.


Several RCEs have been involved in DRR and have gained rich experience. Learning from one another will be easy and this will strengthen the DRR Group of the RCE Community. Please go through the following concept note to get an insight of the proposed DRR programme. The note is prepared for India, especially Indian Himalayan Region, context and can be suitably modified depending upon the interest shown by RCEs. We welcome your comments and feedback on it. We will be happy to provide you further information that you may like to seek about this initiative and the proposal. We hope that most RCEs will show interest, get engaged in DRR and join the network.


This invitation and request is extended to all the RCEs in Asia Pacific Region. We look forward to receiving your response and joining the Network,

With regards,


Abdhesh Kumar Gangwar for RCE Srinagar, India


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