Europe Regional Meeting 2019

Europe Regional RCE Meeting 2019

13-14 September, 2019, Heraklion, Greece

(Photo credit: János Korom Dr. / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Europe Regional RCE Meeting 2019 was held in Heraklion, Greece from 13th to 14th September, 2019, hosted by RCE Crete with the support of the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS).

Twelve RCEs from ten countries attended this year's meeting, under the theme 'Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, and Food Security', held in conjunction with the final project meeting of RCE Crete’s Erasmus project – Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, and Food Security (CCSAFS) – a Master’s course development project initiated by RCE Crete and piloted by universities in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Throughout the two-day meeting, RCEs shared their work over the past year, including projects working with national level government policies or local level policies on ESD, focusing on topics such as (but not limited to) learning for sustainable agriculture, learning on sustainable consumption and production, and learning on biodiversity conservation.

Interactive sessions and workshops provided RCEs with the platform to discuss how to strengthen communication and collaboration within the region, how to engage with local and regional governments on ESD initiatives, and how to focus RCE activities on climate action. One of the outcomes on the workshop on climate action was to establish a working group on ESD for climate change actions among the European RCEs.

A full recap of the meeting is available here.

The Global RCE Service Centre wishes to thank RCE Crete for its wonderful organisation, coordination, and hospitality in making the 2019 European Regional RCE Meeting a great success.


13-14 September, 2019

Capsis Astoria Heraklion
Plateia Eleutherias 11, Heraklion Crete 71201 Greece

The programme can be accessed here.  


DAY 1: 13 SEPTEMBER, 2019

Presentation Presenter/s
The Cretan History: A Presentation Mrs. Athina Kiriakaki-Sfakaki
Updates from the Global RCE Network: 2018-2019 Dr. Philip Vaughter, UNU-IAS
CCSAFS (2016-2019): An Overview of Achievements Prof. Nelly Kostoulas, University of Crete & Prof. Vassilios Makrakis, Frederick University & University of Crete
The MSc CCSAFS in Suez Canal University, Egypt Prof. Hefny Manal, Suez Canal University
The MSc CCSAFS in Jerash University, Jordan Prof. Ebraheem Al Taha’at, Jerash University
RCE Communications: RCE Logo and Social Media Guidelines Overview Ms. Nancy Pham, UNU-IAS

Case Study Presentations:

Presentation Presenter/s

RCE Crete Actions on Education for Sustainable Development

Prof. Vassilios Makrakis & Prof. Nelly Kostoulas, RCE Crete

The Minoic Path: Developing Eco-Cultural-Tourism, Local History & Education for Sustainability Mr. Marios Bourgoutzianis, RCE Crete
Supporting the Integration of Circular Economy in Secondary School Economics & Business Curricula

Dr. Georgios Vouzaxakis, RCE Crete

Potato and Potato: From Soil to Table Prof. Andrey Dakhin, RCE Nizhny Novgorod
Empowering Education for SDGs on the Regional Level Dr. Jana Dlouha, Ms. Iveta Šindelářová, and Mr. Jiří Dlouhý, RCE Czechia
Nature for Generations

Ms. Ewelina Skoczen, RCE Warsaw Metropolitan

Green Go! Infrastructure Supporting Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

Mr. Bartłomiej Józef Kozek, RCE Warsaw Metropolitan

ESD and RRI Approaches in TeRRIFICA project: Fostering Territorial Innovative Climate Action

Ms. Kate Sposab, RCE Belarus

Building a Good Food Nation: Moving from Abstraction to Application Ms. Kirsten Leask, RCE Scotland

College Learning for Sustainability Champions Programme

Ms. Rebecca Louise Petford, RCE Scotland
National Centres of Excellence on Implementing ESD into Municipalities and Regions – Which Concepts are Needed?

Mr. Detlev Lindau-Bank, RCE Oldenburger-Münsterland

The Contribution of RCEs for the Implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda Dr. Salim Lardjane, RCE Brittany

Makerspace for Sustainability: University-community Learning Collaborations with RCE Severn

Dr. Alex Ryan & Ms. Miriam Webb, RCE Severn
How to Enable Ourselves? How Can We Converge Towards SD for ESD Mr. Tobias Till Keye, RCE Stettiner Haff

*These materials have been prepared by the RCE listed beside each item. Its contents and features are the sole responsibility of the authors. For questions and comments please contact the authors.


DAY 2: 14 SEPTEMBER, 2019

Presentation Presenter/s
CCSAFS (2016-2019): SWOT Analysis - European Partners' Perspective Prof. Vassilios Makrakis, Frederick University & University of Crete
SWOT Analysis: The Case of Egyptian Partners Prof. Omar Ramzy, Heliopolis University
The Post-CCSAFS: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats - The Case of Jordanian Partner Countries Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh, University of Jordan
European RCE Communications Prof. Ros Wade, RCE London & Mr. Detlev Lindau-Bank, RCE Oldenburger-Münsterland


Presentation Facilitator/s

Learning and the Climate Emergency

Dr. Jenneth Parker & Prof. Ros Wade, RCE London
Engaging Local and Regional Governments for ESD Dr. Philip Vaughter, UNU-IAS



Photos from the meeting have been uploaded on Facebook here.