7th African Regional Conference

7th African Regional Conference

New Date: 2-4 August, 2017, Lusaka, Zambia

Photo: Lubuto Library Partners

RCE Lusaka, Zambia is delighted to host the African RCE Meeting in 2017. The 7th African RCE Conference will explore ways of strengthening African RCEs as multi-stakeholder partnerships for scaling up innovation, resources and action to deliver the SDGs in local and regional contexts. The event aims to highlight and promote the role of ESD in achieving the SDGs at local and regional levels. It will bring together multi-stakeholder learning experiences and expertise on the implementation of ESD and the SDGs. The event will also showcase the work of the African RCE network on ESD. 

The Programme can be downloaded here.


  1. Mobilize national, regional and global efforts that aim at achieving effective and inclusive partnerships in African RCEs
  2. Show case the work of African RCE network on Education for Sustainable Development
  3. Establish a sector-wide and multiple sector approach for assessing and reporting RCE activities
  4. Share ESD opportunities and challenges associated with implementation of the sustainable development goals.
  5. Discuss roles adults and youths can play in RCE activities
  6. Review action plan for African RCEs.


  1. Effective coordination and common agenda for implementing RCE activities
  2. Increased capacities on assessing and reporting RCE activities
  3. Shared strategies on implementing SDGs through ESD
  4. Publication of articles in RCE Bulletin and journals
  5. Strategies on how to involve the youths and adults alike in RCE actives
  6. Revised action plan for African RCEs


The conference will be held at Cresta Golfview Hotel in Lusaka. The 78 roomed hotel is situated in Munali area next to Chainama Golf course. It is a three star hotel, located 16 km from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport along Great East Road. Its location makes it very accessible to most of the central business district. The University of Zambia, Manda Hill Shopping Centre, Arcades Entertainment Centre and the new East Park Mall are situated with- in a 5 minute drive from Cresta Golfview. The hotel offers full conference services to both local and international guests.


The Conference Organising Committee (COC) invites presentations on projects based on the ESD initiatives as milestones for achieving SDGs at the 7th Africa RCE Conference under the following subthemes:

  1. Capacity development initiatives on integrated and coherent approaches to implementing ESD in Africa.
  2. RCEs:  towards a Strategic Action for achieving SDGs.
  3. RCEs: Policies and Initiatives on Education for Sustainable Development
  4. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Education and RCEs
  5. ESD opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation of the SDGs.


Oral Presentations

The conference will comprise plenary sessions with key note speeches focusing on the RCEs and ESD initiatives as milestones for achieving SDGs. Plenary sessions will also feature paper presentations and panel discussions. Paper presentations will focus on how RCEs are implementing the GAP and SDGs through their community engagement practices, long term and short-term projects. Time allocated for oral presentations (other than key note addresses) is 15 minutes, including questions from the audience.

Projection means: Each room will be equipped with a projector and a fixed computer for direct projection. The computers are equipped with Windows and Microsoft Office 2007 or later versions (Word, Excel, and Power Point) and with USB drives. Speakers, who would like to use special software or use their PC, should contact the Secretariat, at least 30 minutes before the session.

Poster Presentations

Poster exhibitions as usual will form part of the conference presentations. Each poster session author will be provided with a poster board area and mounting pins. The poster number and title will be indicated on the board. Authors will be responsible for mounting their posters the morning of their presentation and removing them at the end of the day.

Should you wish to make oral and/or poster presentations on any of the subthemes, please indicate this on the Registration Form. Towards the end of the conference, a closed meeting to look at a road map for African RCEs will form part of the conference.


Deadline for applications for those applying for fund support is closed. Successful applicants have already been contacted by the Secretariat. 


Conference secretariat: rcelusaka@gmail.com  / Global RCE Service Centre: rceconference@unu.edu



Concept Note 

Invitation Letter

Form A - Registration Form

Form B - Case Presentation Abstract

Form C - Visa Support Request Form

Form D1 - Request for Financial Support

Form D2 - Request for Financial Support (Youth)


Last year, African RCEs came together in Nairobi, back to back with TICAD VI - the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development. For outcomes and reports of the 2016 African RCE Coference click here.

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