RCE Srinagar’s World Water Day 2018 Celebration Educates Students on WASH

Photo credits: CEE Himalaya

CEE Himalaya, RCE Srinagar, and Turtle Survival Alliance, with financial support from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Give2Asia, held a one-day programme to celebrate World Water Day 2018 (22 March, 2018) at Gyan Convent School in the Bahraich District in Uttar Pradesh, India. About 200 people including students, school staff, Village Development Committee members and villagers participated in the celebration.

The programme focused on educating students on various activities related to saving and improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), using toilets, and avoiding open defecation. Students were asked to read and understand interactive IEC material on DRR (disaster risk reduction) preparedness and on WASH.

One activity required students to write pledges on saving water and conserving nature, with slogans and placards also serving to educate the village community. Through another activity using play cards, students learned about the benefits of maintaining hygienic and safe practices, especially during disasters. School staff were also educated on maintaining proper hygiene in schools, including the risks and various diseases which can eventuate through the improper use of water and poor sanitation.

Initiatives to address the issues discussed were also explained, including low cost rain water harvesting systems, improved irrigation systems, modifying agricultural practices, crop rotation, and reducing the reliance on water-demanding crops during summer.

Both the students and school staff expressed their interest for similar activities to be conducted in the future, to further educate those in the community on the importance of saving water.