RCE Jammu and RCE Srinagar Conduct Training and Consultation Workshops

Photo credits: RCE Srinagar

RCE Jammu, RCE Srinagar, and the Department of Economics, University of Jammu recently organised a one-week training workshop on ‘Writing Research Proposals, Papers and Grant Applications for Social Science Faculty and Researchers’ from 27th April to 1st May, 2018. Nineteen young researchers attended this workshop.

Initial sessions covered topics including how to write research proposals and PhD synopses, as well as how to design and improve the quality of research proposals and ensure their usefulness and relevancy. In subsequent days, identifying sources of research funding, writing grant applications, dissemination and publishing research, ethics, and how to develop effective communication materials was discussed, among others.

On 2nd May, 2018, a one-day consultation workshop was held on ‘Reorienting School Education for the Tribal Communities in Jammu and Kashmir’. The challenge of education faced by tribal communities because of their nomadic nature was discussed, as well as the absence of an education policy for these communities. The lack of infrastructure, tents, and other facilities in mobile schools was also raised. Measures such as developing curriculum in the regional local language and reducing the distance of schools from residential areas were some solutions raised to address these challenges.

Relevancy of the current syllabus and curriculum was also discussed, including the disconnect between classroom teaching and outdoor realities. As such, positive contributions such as the patterns adopted by the community of passing education from elders to the younger generation, understanding their system of navigation, and survival learning was acknowledged. It was agreed that the current systems must be strengthened to meet expectations and to further train teachers to cater towards the needs of these communities.