Open Call Regional RCE Conferences 2017

Regional RCE Conferences - Open Call for 2017

We would like to invite RCE members from the African, Americas, Asia Pacific, and European communities to submit self-nominations to host the upcoming RCE Regional Conference for 2017.

In the past, these regional meetings have provided a platformfor discussion, sharing of knowledge and learning. The opportunity to meet face to face, network and connect provides benefit to individual RCEs and the community as a whole. The ESD Programme’s strategic direction which aims at making tangible contributions to the implementation of the SDGS through education and learning includes strengthening the RCE Network and finding synergies between RCEs as priority matters. Any RCEs that have expressed interest in hosting at previous regional meetings are eagerly encouraged to apply.

RCEs interested in hosting the 2017 Regional Conference can apply by sending an official letter to the RCE Service Centre. RCEs may host as individual RCEs or work with other RCEs as joint hosts. Because RCEs are multi-stakeholder networks, participation from different actors (organizations and individuals) within the RCE is critical in hosting duties. In order to aid in the selection process, the following information should be included in the application letter:

  • Proposed dates for the 2017 Regional Conference (usually 2-3 days)
  • Location and capacity of proposed venue
  • Proposed theme or thematic areas for the conference
  • Tentative sources of funding
  • Contact person(s) with relevant assigned tasks and/or¬†responsibilities
  • Any events that will be held back to back with the RCE Regional Conference (visit the ESD Calendar)

Applicants are encouraged to research any global, regional, or local ESD/SD conferences or other activities that are within their geographic area which may be synergistic with RCE activities when proposing a date and venue for the conference. The RCE Service Centre will gladly work with the chosen RCE(s) on designing a conference program and coordinating a timeline. RCEs interested in hosting a regional/global conference are requested to submit an official letter of interest to the RCE Service Centre ( by 15 March, 2017.