RCE Bogota-2014

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National Environmental Youth Network
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
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3. Project partner contact information : 
RCE Bogotá- Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible-Universidad El Bosque
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Kenneth Ochoa
5. Project description
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The National Environmental Youth Network is the result of a process of environmental education, set in the strategy contained in the National Environmental Education Policy entitled "Formation of environmental educators and facilitators" through which the Ministry of Environment has been providing training of community leaders through the “National Community Environmental Promotion Program” through training that strengthen conceptual appropriation, under the systemic view of the environment, their community leadership skills contributing to the organization and participation of communities in environmental management.

In this regard the Network includes the participation of more than 6,000 young people in 23 departments, organized through local networks and thematic networks developed by coordinating various projects and training activities and awareness in their municipalities, giving fulfilling one of its goals: "generate strategies training, awareness and education to communities in their territory."

Environmental education processes designed by the members of the network are based on four principles: • Youth work with young people, young people are the center of decision-making, undertaken by young people themselves and not for others; • Youth educate youth: mobilization process is built together with the young, respecting and trusting in their ability to make commitments to transformative actions; • Education is practical; and • One generation learns from another: alliance between the different generations involved.

6. Project status
On Going
The network project is of indefinite duration. It began in 2008 with the participation of 1000 young people and has now grown to 6000 throughout the national territory. The Network has different nodes (departmental, municipal and thematic). Currently, the university is developing RED nodes to expand their participation. Youth can would link through their organizations or in their specific areas of influence projects, and on the Internet, found a place to share lessons learned to help replicate the project in other regions. From this year (2014), annual business meetings, he invited the international community of young people, in order to expand the project in Latin America.
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