RCE Borderlands Mexico-USA-2018

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PUBLISHED 5: López C., Hoffmann E & Cordero H.- Transformational Research: Community Engagement Methods & Strategies of the Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación- RCE Borderlands México-USA
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This chapter in an upcoming UNU-IAS publication summarizes various projects carried out by RCE BMU collaborators. It further discusses 'Transformational Research,' which is the Community Engagement Approach used throughout the Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación system.

(To be published in 2018)
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Carolina López C.
Dr. Zinaida Fadeeva
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Carolina López C.
Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación Inc. & Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua
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The aforementioned is a book chapter to appear soon through UNU-IAS.  It focuses on 1) RCE BMU and Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación's (LL/CDT) general approach to community engagement, knowledge production/dissemination and policy implications studies-- which are carried out toward the conclusion of each of our community service projects. 2) Summaries are provided of four different projects carried out by RCE BMU-LL/CDT collaborators.

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The book should be published in the first half of 2018.
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