RCE Buea-2015

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Green Orphanages
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Green Cameroon
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Masango Sone
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The idea is to broaden and adapt the concept of the environmental club to orphanages. Conditions of participation for the orphanage would be to have a minimum of 10 children, have a time frame we can fit into and have a personnel member to manage and follow up on the activities.

The environmental club in orphanages would contain less theory and more practical activities compared to the school environmental clubs because of the extra-curricular context and because of the large range of ages and education levels of the children.

An important benefit of having these clubs in orphanages is that the children are living there. This means more time consuming, long term projects can be held such as: gardening, tree nursery, composting, small farming and agricultural activities and even nature walks. Children will be able to follow up on the activities and see how it evolves. It will also keep them busy outside of the environmental club hours and create a new collective project they can work on together.

The frequency of the environmental clubs would depend of the orphanage’s organization and schedule, but we currently anticipate running an activity every 2 weeks or monthly.


As stated before, the Green Orphanage project is perfectly in line with the general Green Cameroon objectives of environmental protection and community development, as well as Green Cameroon’s focus on education and sensitization.

More specifically, there are the objectives we are targeting:

• Bring new added value to the orphans’ lives by proposing constructive and collective activities

• Provide children with the opportunity to learn more about their surroundings and participate in service projects at the orphanage and in the community;

• Promote environmental awareness and development of social and life skills;

• Increase and promote awareness of environmental issues and give the children the ability to make a change or a difference;

• Provide opportunities for children to become directly involved in a variety of projects relating to the environment.

• Offer the children outside activities to allow them a break from their day to day life in the orphanage.

6. Project status
On Going
This project takes place every year between the months of July and October and we are currently on the third year. We are working on increasing the number of orphanages we work with and also holding serminars with educators on using the guidebook which has been developed.
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Africa and Middle East
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