RCE Greater Dhaka-2016

1. Project Title: 
Whole-Institution approach of RCE Greater Dhaka through Water Reuse, Biodiversity Conservation and Youth Mobilization in Commitment to GAP (Global Actions Programme)
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Centre for Global Environmental Culture, IUBAT University
Coordinate the project
Main Contact: 
Coordinator RCE Greater Dhaka
Professor Mohammed Ataur Rahman
Director, Centre for Global Environmental Culture, IUBAT University
Alternative project contact: 
Professor M Alimullah Miyan
Chairperson, RCE Greater Dhaka, Vice Chancellor, IUBAT University
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5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

Getting fresh water is a big crisis in South Asian Region. Water is being polluted by industrial effluents and domestic wastes which are discharged into the water-bodies. One-way use of underground water has been diminishing the fresh water aquifers and groundwater table is declining at an alarming rate. Another important issue is the quick loss of biodiversity due to human pressure and modern high chemical input-based agriculture for short term benefit. A great number of youths are underutilized and they need training on sustainable practices. In combating these challenges to pursue Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), RCE Greater Dhaka has been taking various steps according to Global Actions Programme (GAP) to speed up SDGs through sustainable education. Among the five priority action areas of GAP, it includes integrating sustainability practices into education and training (whole-institution approaches), empowering and mobilizing the youths.


RCE Greater Dhaka is playing an important role in disseminating sustainable education to students, youths and community. The sustainability practices that the institute has taken so far are promoting compulsory sustainability education for the undergraduates, practicing in its green campus. The sustainability education includes saving natural resources, i.e., energy, water, food, waste recycling; organic farming, solar electricity, campus biodiversity and recently added greywater treatment plant to reuse greywater from washroom and cafeteria for watering the gardens and lawns. Moreover, RCE Greater Dhaka has been encouraging rainwater harvesting from the buildings and storing in the pond for multipurpose research, e.g. fish cultivation, duck and live stocks farming and to recharge groundwater.


RCE Greater Dhaka has organized a youth forum who is actively working on cleaning Uttara, segregation of waste at source, and recycling; roof top and kitchen gardening to have fresh and organic vegetables and fruits, planting medicinal and fruit trees; awareness building on Biodiversity and for keeping functional ecosystem services. Moreover, ESD trained youth group has taken a yearlong “Save the Planet Earth and Keep the Ecosystem Services Functional” program in the schools and colleges, on the occasion of nationwide celebration of Silver Jubilee of IUBAT University, the host organization of RCE Greater Dhaka.


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6. Project status
On Going
It is a multidisciplinary project has been started in 2014.
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