RCE Greater Shangri-la-2014

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Shiba Village Community Development
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Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve Management Bureau
Main Contact: 
Xiao Lin
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Shiba Administrative Village is located in Baima Xueshan (BMXS) Nature Reserve, one of the largest untouched natural forests in the world. Most of the 1123 inhabitants of Shiba Village belong to the Lisu ethnic minority, their community is relatively isolated and rely heavily on mushroom collection in the mountains and subsistence farming. Due to the absence of an irrigation system the community relies solely on rainwater. Natural disasters or droughts can ruin entire crops, leaving villagers no choice but to purchase food – sometimes using up to 80% of their annual income to do so. Levels of education in the village are low; only a few of the villagers have been able to attend school and broaden their skill set.

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