RCE Greater Western Sydney-2014

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UWS Riverfarm - A Collaborative Learning Space
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VET Building
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Mr Greg Cheetham
5. Project description
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Development of a living laboratory for sustainability

The UWS Riverfarm Redevelopment is a flagship initiative of the RCE-GWS that links land, food, culture and water for a range of educational purposes. The Riverfarm situated on Darug lands and is an historic 40 hectare holding of prime agricultural land on the Hawkesbury River in Richmond Lowlands. The farm complex is comprised of an early 20th century cottage, a series of timber framed farm buildings, silos, a historically significant water pumping tower, and it includes one kilometre of river frontage first gazetted in 1799. The river banks are revegetated with species commonly found in River Flat Eucalypt Forest, a listed Endangered Ecological Community, while yams and other traditional Aboriginal foods still grow there.

The Riverfarm has been set down as a case study of good practice for engagement in the 2012 UWS Engagement Review and was presented at the Rio +20 Summit in 2012. A range of collaborative partnerships and expertise have committed to the project including WSI TAFE, Department of Education and Communities, Greening Australia, Brewongle Environmental Education Centre, Bass Fishing Club, Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation and the Hawkesbury Alumni Charter.

6. Project status
On Going
The RCE-GWS is now scoping to the potential to build on the Riverfarm successes to use as a site for further research and development for place based educators. The Fish@Riverfarm is an externally funded project which includes the installation of "Fish hotels" as well as habitat restoration to support river health and biodiversity.

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