RCE Lucknow

RCE Lucknow is located in Uttar Pradesh, the fourth largest and most populated state in India. The problems of the state of Uttar Pradesh are also the problems of Lucknow. The state's large population has a direct impact on the environment, as well as poverty, pollution, deforestation, overuse of natural resources, and waste generation and disposal. The rivers that flow through the area are polluted by domestic and industrial effluent. Around 70% of the state's population is dependant on agriculture and the current intensive use of chemicals causes environmental and health problems. Lucknow also faces problems related to unplanned urbanization, such as traffic management issues, pollution from vehicles and waste disposal.




RCE Lucknow is working to:
  • Conduct education programmes for schools and communities;
  • Develop awareness building materials for dissemination among selected target groups;
  • Enhance the capacity of local organizations, institutions, NGOs, policymakers and government organizations to address natural resource management issues;
  • Build community capacity on sustainable livelihoods; and
  • Create linkages with development and alternative livelihood programmes of the state government.


For more information on this RCE, please contact rceservicecentre@unu.edu