RCE Penang-2017

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RCE Penang
Project partner
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Associate Prof Dr Mohammad Zohir Ahmad@Shaari
Sejahtera Schools Club
School Sejahtera Club Advisor
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Madam See
Senior Assistant Co-Curricular
Madam Khaliliah
Sejahtera School Club Teachers Advisor
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   Schools play an important role in the promotion and maintenance of the student’s health. The school is now a key setting where the health education sectors can jointly take action to improve and sustain the health, nutrition, and education which previously was beyond reach. Ensuring good health at school can boost school enrolment and attendance. School health programmes can also help rural students to attain a better education. Healthy students make better learners. It is equally important for school administrators to engage parents to play their roles in working together with teachers to support the growth of healthy and productive children.Bearing these reasons in mind, therefore the school has decided to embark on "Choose, Decide, Evaluate for Healthy Living” project.

This project was coordinated and planned effectively from the month of July till October. As the titled project says ‘’Choose, Decide, Evaluate for Healthy Living”, we have decided to embark on the importance of healthy living. Healthy living gives joy to the meaning of life. In order to achieve healthy living, a few students had been chosen to decide and adopt a different change of lifestyle. First, to manage the project, we need teachers as facilitators to explain the aims and goals of healthy living. These students are required to understand good eating habits, able to learn nutrition values and healthy food. In addition, they also need physical exercise to burn up calories. Students are required to chart a diary in a scrapbook with healthy activities they have done for a duration of 3 months. They can then write or describe the impact of before and after the change of their eating habits and lifestyle. By undertaking this project, students will be able to experience a change of mindset towards healthy living. Lastly, students will evaluate their project through interviews, videos, and recording of graphs and charts.  Teachers will assist students by guiding and monitoring the progress of the project. The Global RCE as a network organization has contributed much to this programme in bridging local and global perspectives by giving and sharing opportunities in diverse thematic areas. Hence, we have this 2017 RCE Awards for Innovative Projects on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The Global RCE acts as a platform to encourage schools to contribute, share and highlight their best practices. However, in any project, there are bound to have many challenges along the way with time constraint and limited human resources. Last but not least, we hope this project will be fruitful and beneficial towards the school and the students involved.

6. Project status
Overall, the programme was a success as we have achieved our target of getting 10% of the pupils with obesity to change from their sedentary behavioral lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle by eating foods with high nutrients and involving in more physical activities through various projects implemented.
All the programs were successfully carried out as planned. However, certain setbacks need to be addressed and further improved especially regarding limited area in the school.
In order to have other future plans like expanding a vegetable garden, location in the school must be suitable.

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