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November, 2014
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Central Semenanjung is hosted by the University of Malaya (UM), the oldest higher education institution in Malaysia and was initiated by the University of Malaya Living Lab and Center for Dialogue & Transformation (UM LL/CDT) based in Fraser Hill, Pahang, Malaysia. Currently, RCE Central Semenanjung is placed under the administration of The Community and Sustainability Centre (UMCares).

Research and activities at RCE Central Semenanjung are designed to integrate the surrounding natural environment, socio-economic activities and human community in a sustainable and symbiotic manner. The main focuses of RCE Central Semenanjung since its establishment are more on extending the collaboration with stakeholders by finding better mechanisms through meetings and jointly-collaborated programs. Outreach and awareness programs in understanding ESD were implemented through formal, informal/non-formal education for multiple levels of stakeholders. Several programs for youth empowerment were planned accordingly to nurture self-awareness on ESD as the legacy for the younger generation. Other than that, RCE Central Semenanjung is establishing the official channel of communication and advertisement through a website, Facebook and Twitter.

We welcome collaboration with other RCE members worldwide. Engagement opportunities include, but are not limited to research partnership, participation in symposium and seminar, volunteering opportunities and others.

Goals and Objectives:


Engaging sustainability through impactful projects across local, nation and international levels with the aim of sharing knowledge for the benefit of community.

Goals and objectives:

  • Training on ESD and green technology to educators, local authorities and community
  • Develop management plan for ESD through collaboration among stakeholders
  • Generate regional ESD good practices guidelines which is applicable to the community
  • Promoting sustainable development practices in the existing community


Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

University of Malaya through the Community and Sustainability Centre (UMCares)

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: The Community and Sustainability Centre (UMCares)
Role: Supporting RCE Central Semenanjung activities through promotion and stakeholders networking
Contact name: TBA
Contact email: TBA

Current Activities:
  • School Competition: DIY Made Simple 2019 - Best of Waste
  • UM Student Chapter: UMCares Competition-Development of Holistic Students
  • UM Tropical Camp
  • UM Community Fair
Upcoming Activities:
  • Walking Football Competition 2019
MeZoo : Enchancing Experiental Learning For School Children
My Voice, My story: A digital storytelling project to empower Orang Asli youth and Children in Malaysia
Training the trainers on repair and maintenance historic masonry building in Melaka
Community Empowerment for #MsiaEndsDengue: Fighting Dengue through Sustainable Environment
Technological Application in Quran Lessons for Special Needs Children
ICT Skills Enhancement Programme for Orang Asli Fund
We Care Their Spiritual Needs (OKU)
Build Social Capital through Cooperation to eradicate Poverty Fisherman in Kuala Besut.
Community Level Adoption of Mobile Application in Flood Management System in Kemaman Smart Community
Street Law for Urban Kids
Helping At-Risk Teenagers in Crisis using RESPECTFUL-Community Collaboration-Cultural Empathy (RESCuE) Approach
Implementation of basic literacy learning module based on the folklore of indigenous children
Empowering the Orang Asli Community with good oral hygiene and habits
#UM111 Stay Inspired and Motivated Project (SIMP)
The implementation of science-based learning module learning styles of Orang Asli primary school children.
Improvement of Knowledge and Management Organization Skills, and Development of Youth Human Capital in Taman Medan
Community Composting Capacity Building Program to Local Community in KL
Introducing Wonders of Robots to Students (Fun with Robots)
Reverse Engineering and Redevelopment of Pahang Traditional Boat as a Preservation of Malaysia Heritage
Making education relevant to Year 5 and 6 students of the Semai aborigine community in Pos Pantos
Developing the literacy skills of Myanmar refugee learners
Consumer Health Informatics Workshop: Awareness and Hands-on
Peer Support Group for People with Spinal Cord Injury (PSG-SCI)
First Aid Skills in Primary School Teachers in Klang Valley
Health Education Learning Package to Control Intestinal Parasitic infections among Orang Asli School Children in Peninsular Malaysia
Biochar for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment
The Development of the Welfare of the Villagers through the Ayam Kampung Farming Company. (PPAK)
Waste Free for My School
Agro Business for Urban Community
Train the Trainers to Promotes the 360˚ TitaniUM Core Strength Exercise
Capturing a Living Heritage Village: Safeguarding Kampung Hakka of Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.
Edu-Tourism through sainscakna@fakulti sains Program
Income Generation through Agro Entrepreneur
Creation of Demand and Supply for Planting Materials Derived from Rembau Community College (KKR) Plant Tissue Culture Lab
Be Able: Venturing beyond Disabilities
Walking Football: Fat to fit for better persona
DIY Made Simple 2019 Competition: Best of Waste
Communication Channels
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Main RCE Contact:
Ms. Nor Azlin Mat Radi
Secondary RCE Contact:

RCE Youth Coordinator(s):
Dr. Zul Ilham Zulkiflee Lubes
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