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RCE Tirupati

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June, 2015
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

The areas of operation consists of four south western districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh with Chittoor and Kadapa which are part of the Velikonda range of Eastern Ghats, Prakash Mandal, and Nellore districts. The second largest brackish water lagoon Pulicat Lake is located in the Nellore district connecting two spectacular migratory bird sanctuaries.

All the four districts have agricultural, forest and tribal communities. The coastal districts have huge maritime livelihoods and are prone to periodical storm surges. RCE Tirupati has been working on key issues of sensitising communities on ecosystem services - water, sustainable use of bioresources, disaster preparedness and management. Promotion of the bio cultural component has been a focal issue.

Through innovative intervention programmes of education (formal, non-formal, transformative, field trips to bird sanctuaries, group discussions, interactive brainstorming sessions), RCE Tirupati feels inspired to have achieved success in sensitising student groups, women communities and other stakeholders on key issues of water conservation by water harvesting and judicious use, sustainable use of resources (soil and biological), response to and coping with disasters (drought, floods and cyclones) by a participatory and cooperative approach. Farming communities showed great resilience to save Mother Earth by switching over to organic farming. Enthusiastic participation by school students in Clean and Green programmes gives us hope and confidence.

Goals and Objectives:


  • Capacity building in stakeholders, students, forest and coastal communities to understand and practice sustainable development, to cope with disaster situations through education formal, non-formal and transformative
  • Degradation of land and ecological overshoot
  • To provide the flow of fruits of science to all sections of the society 
  • Indigenous, cultural landscapes and traditional knowledge are to be promoted and developed
  • Empowerment of vulnerable communities with special focus on women and livelihoods
Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:
Key Partners:
Organisation: Academy of Gandhian Studies
Role: Communication, Awareness, Climate Adaptation, Water
Main Contact: Mr. G. Gopalakrishnamurthy
Organisation: B:ACCESS (Biodiversity Academy: Eco System Services)
Role: Biodiversity, Watershed, Water harvesting and Conservation
Main Contact: Dr. R. Ramamurthi
Organisation: Sri Padmavathi Prardhana Mahila Mandali
Role: Women /Livelihoods/Awareness, Health, Clean and Green Programs
Main Contact: R. Annapurna
Organisation: Dravidian University, Kuppam
Role: Medicinal Plants
Main Contact: Prof. C. Varadarajulu Naidu
Organisation: Welfare Organization for Rural Development (WORD)
Role: Organic Farming, Natural Farming, Bio pesticides
Main Contact: Dr. G. Gangadharam
Organisation: Vijayam College, Chittoor
Role: Resource Development, Logistics, Camps
Main Contact: Dr. Tejomurthy
Organisation: VEMU College, Nendragunta
Role: Tree planting, Green Development, Clean Ambience
Main Contact: Dr. N. Chandrasekhara Naidu
Organisation: Indian Science Congress Tirupati Chapter
Role: Science and Society, Carbon Foot Print
Main Contact: Dr. K.P. Rao
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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Prof. Ramamurthi Rallapalli
Secondary RCE Contact:
Mr. G. Gopalakrishna Murthy
RCE Youth Coordinator(s):
Mrs. Nirmala Konduru
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RCE Tirupati
A-9 Vaikuntapuram
M.R. Palli
Andhra Pradesh