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RCE Khomas-Erongo

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December, 2011
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RCE Khomas-Erongo is setting an example to the rest of Namibia in delivering Education for Sustainable Development, engaging people from both sexes, from various age groups and from all sectors of the community in the central and Namib regions. A major role of the RCEis to develop and share expertise and assist other regions within Namibia in developing similar RCEs and will actively participate in such future RCEs. Namibia is a country with a vast income gap between rich and poor and widespread poverty.Unemployment levels are as high as 51% in urban areas and 36.1% in rural areas. High unemployment levels in urban areas are especially experienced in major cities and towns such as Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Okahandja, since people migrate from rural areas to cities in search for jobs. A relative high percentage of the unemployed are women. The inequality in society results in environmental problems such as the formation of informal settlements around major cities and towns. This is also due to a lack of low cost housing provision. These informal settlements lack proper sanitation systems as well as provision of drinking water and power.

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The Khomas-Erongo RCE is currently focused on five main projects, which are:
  • Exposure and involvement of teachers in ESD outdoor facilities and activities;
  • Early childhood learning support;
  • Baseline study to investigate the carbon footprint of municipalities in Namibia;
  • Design of ESD qualifications at the tertiary level; and
  • Awareness raising in out-of school youth and informal settlements.
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Elsabe Julies, University of Namibia
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Clive Lawrence, Municipality of Swakopmund
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