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RCE Greater Eastern Uganda

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Rce details
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
December, 2012
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

Location and Regional Characteristics:

RCE Greater Eastern Uganda (GEURCE) is a network of member organisations ranging from local government to private sector and Non-government organisations (NGOs) that aims at creating interconnected, diverse communities living sustainably in eastern and northeastern Uganda. GEURCE covers 32 local government districts lying within Lake Victoria crescent, the southern-eastern Lake Kyoga basin, and Jinja-Mbale agro-ecological farmland zones of Uganda.

The population density in the region averages between 129–456 persons per square kilometres. Prominent natural features which surround the region include Mountain Elgon, Lake Kyoga, Lake Vitoria and River Nile. These provide sources of livelihood to the population, for example the Mountain Elgon foothills are endowed with fertile volcanic soils and a good climate which supports increased agricultural production. However, the mountain areas suffer from frequent landsides during heavy rains. The soils in other parts of the region are generally sandy, with low soil organic matter levels, are highly susceptible to leaching, and are consequently low in base saturation and rather acidic. As a result, agriculture in this region has shown that the productivity declines as the rapidly growing population overexploits its land resources, consequently resulting in recurrent food shortages and occasional famines. Urban centres are rapidly emerging in the region with the consequences of poor solid waste management which is hazardous, likely leading to the outbreak of diseases. Education standards have declined over time despite the introduction of free primary and secondary education by the government. In general, the performance and standard of education in the national examinations in the region are currently very low as evidenced by poor performance especially in rural areas in national examinations.

Goals and Objectives:

Our Vision:
A community working together to promote education for sustainable development principles and practices and contributing to sustainable livelihoods and regional development.


  • To promote education for sustainable development principles and practices
  • To contribute to sustainable livelihoods and regional developments

Photo credit: RCE Greater Eastern Uganda

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

Educational Institution, University (Busitema University)

Key Partners:
  • Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU)
    • initiates projects that are unique to their areas of expertise
    • to be consulted and be involved in all the activities of the RCE activities at community or beneficiary level
    • participates in formulating, implementing and monitoring/evaluation
Current Activities:
  • Community training on purification of water using sand filters.
  • Tree planting in schools and communities.
  • Ecotourism trip to Murchison Falls National Game Park.

Photo credit: RCE Greater Eastern Uganda

Students of Busitema University (GEURCE) cleaning wastes in the nearby trading centre (Photo credit: RCE Greater Eastern Uganda)

Upcoming Activities:
  • University students’ debate on the topic of 'school dropout rate in Ugandan primary and secondary schools' in April 2019.
  • Presentation on ESD activities to the University community in April 2019.

Female students of Busitema University carrying out guidance and counselling to girls in one of the schools visited by the RCE (Photo credit: RCE Greater Eastern Uganda)

  • Students’ involvement in Education for Sustainable Development. School outreaches – teaching. School outreach – sensitisation and awareness raising on benefits of education sanitation and hygiene, dangers of contracting HIV/AIDS. The students give talks at lower level schools such as secondary and primary schools during visits.
  • Community outreach – solid waste management. To promote clean environment for the communities through solid waste management in community.
  • Tours made to West Bugwe Forest Reserve, Kidepo National park for members to appreciate nature at subsidised costs. Funding of some activities such as bird watching. Provided reading materials, reading materials, and some equipment e.g. binoculars.
  • A total of five schools visited and follow-ups made at least once a semester to each school.
  • RCE youth coordinator – Oyege Ivan graduated from a one month leadership training from YALI Regional Leadership Centre East Africa in Nairobi Kenya in December 2018.
  • Students in the RCE participated in cleaning of a public health centre IV of Nagongera near the University in October 2018.
  • Study trip to Entebbe zoo, an ecotourism site in the country where all species of flora and fauna at the verge of extinction are conserved in March 2018.
  • Bird watching and counting in West Bugwe forest reserve while participating in the annual big birding day organised by NatureUganda in November 2018. This is to identify the bird species in the country to promote Avitourism in the country.

RCE coordinator (R-L: 3) and RCE youth coordinator (R-L: 7) during an Ecotourism walk in West Bugwe Forest Reserve in Busia district, Uganda (Photo credit: RCE Greater Eastern Uganda)

Photo credit: RCE Greater Eastern Uganda

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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Dr. Edward Andama, Faculty of Science and Education Busitema University
Secondary RCE Contact:
Odogola Wilfred, Faculty of Engineering Busitema University
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Busietam University P.O. Box 236, Tororo, Uganda